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12 June, 2013

House Tour - The Outside (and a Lawn Envy yard make over!)

Hello, again!  

One of the aspects of living in an apartment that I both LOVED and HATED was not having a yard. I loved not having to worry about yard work, but as Evie grew, I hated not having a place for her to run and play.  And we long to host cookouts.

Last week I did a quick tour of the downstairs of our new house, and back in March, Evie's Room.  And now I want to show the back yard.  

Our GLORIOUS back yard!

But this gloriousness didn't happen over night!  The family we bought the house from had done a TON of landscape work to flip the house. It looked great!  

However, in order to sell a house in November they just planted big! pretty! things. And they exploded this Spring.

Exhibit A.  
It was lush, but I felt like it was encroaching on us.  And animals were starting to take up residence in the bushes. I don't do animals.

Having moved from an apartment we didn't have lawn equipment to tame the beast of a backyard before it was totally out of control.  We'd borrowed equipment from family and friends, but it was the time of year that they needed it too!

We did some quick math and decided to call our friend Chris at LawnEnvy (remember when I worked there when I was pregnant with Evie?).  He and his crew came over, got the landscaping under control and put down a fresh layer of bark mulch.   

We all know who was really in charge of this lawn makeover!

Thanks to Chris and crew from LawnEnvy we now have a cozy, clean backyard that it the perfect spot for after dinner drinks, pool play dates, and family cookouts! A dream come true!

I love the work they did on the front of the house. Getting that tree shaped up and the bushes under control has allowed the flowers (not pictured) to really thrive this Spring!

 We had no idea that the Japanese Maple was such a prized yard ornament.  It looks so much better!
They took out 3 bushes and trimmed the other's way back. This really opened up the patio and walk way to the side yard.

This center area is hands down the best change the guys made -- We wanted to see the yard.  And they delivered. Chris took out 3 or 4 bushes and put down a few pavers.

 Now Evie runs out and plays in the grass.  And we have a place to put her pool where I can keep a close eye on her.

And here's our little garden!  

Eric planted six types of vegetables in flower pots.  These pictures are two weeks old.  Now the vegetables are almost twice the size and starting to ripen.  We'll see what our harvest looks like this summer. Such a learning experience.

We love playing in our new yard!

Thank you for your hard work and vision team Lawn Envy!!

If you're in the Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming area, give Lawn Envy a call.  Chris and his crew do not disappoint!

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