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05 June, 2013

House Tour - The Downstairs

Well, hello there.  I think quite possibly the most asked question I've had since we moved in November is, "Hey! When are we going to see pictures of your house"  So, 6 months after we moved in, here they are!

The Buergler Haus

Welcome to the foyer! The door on the right by the mirror is the bathroom and the one on the left is a closet. 

Our living room! The furniture is a collection of hand-me-downs from parents and friends. We bought our hutch (pictured a few photos down) and the tv credenza with wedding money.

I'm not much for baby proofing, but the baby gate was necessary.  We have a few bookshelves upstairs that I'm scared to death Evie will pull over. Darn toddlers can go into stealth mode and sneak up stairs before you even know they're gone. But at bed time? It's like Mt. Everest.

We had decorations on the coffee and end tables until a little person that belongs to us learned how to pull the backs off picture frames. And throw ceramic coasters.  

The room was tricky to place furniture but I think the angling really pulled it together.

And here's the dining room .  We only have a 4-person IKEA table that is in the kitchen area. As much as I'd love a real dining room, the amount of use that would get versus a playroom. Well, you know what wins!

So for the foreseeable future, the most action that chandelier and picnic table will see is a coloring book and crayons

The dining room opens with two French doors out to the patio.  I LOVE this! Evie can keep an eye on the world outside. We can keep an eye on the rain, chipmunks, and Daddy mowing the lawn
Clearly, I tidied up the patio for you...  One of the previous homeowners expanded the patio. It was a huge selling point.  We're looking forward to snagging an end-of-season deal on some real patio furniture.

I had almost forgotten how out-of-control the bushes had gotten (these pictures are about a month old).  We had a little lawn make over two weeks ago. (Coming soon!)

Snuck in the corner walking from the dining room to the kitchen is the laundry room.  It was diaper day!  We've also since organized this space a little better :)

Walking out of the laundry room is the dining area in the kitchen.  Recognize those IKEA prints on the wall. Yeah? Because I've seen them in every house tour blog post. All the cool kids are doing it.

Eric had just come home from the grocery store as I made my way through the downstairs. Hello groceries. 

I LOVE the the kitchen has a computer desk built right in. The cabinets are a little dated but the tops are at least new with a granite looking Formica. And the previous home owners had replaced all the appliances with brand new stainless ones. They're a PITA to keep clean with a toddlers, but I love them!

The mirror looking doors --- one goes to the garage and one goes to the coat closet (something I most definitely didn't have in Florida)

And that's it!  Thanks for visiting our home :)

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