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17 June, 2013

{Father's Day Weekend} A Trio of Tributes - Eric, Evie's Daddy!

 Recently I was having a flash back to a particular night in Chicago. We'd only been dating but a year.  We were sitting on the bench in a courtyard and my then 24 year old husband said that we should wait several years until my friend Dennis was ordained a priest before we should get married so he could marry us.  And he definitely didn't want children anytime soon after.

Well, Dennis' ordination was a week ago. And am I ever grateful that Eric didn't listen to his 24 year old self.  If he had we wouldn't be celebrating 4 years of marriage this Fall, nor another wonderful Father's Day with our little family.

For a guy who was apprehensive about having children, and admittedly knew nothing about newborns, I have to say he has excelled beyond my wildest dreams of who I wanted my husband to be as a father.

Eric enthusiastically attended every Bradley class with me. Went to a breastfeeding class. And even did research on baby products before we registered.
When I was in labor "drunk" on Ambien, Eric took charge of communicating our birth plan to the nurses.  And coached me through active labor while we painfully waited for the midwife to arrive.

And this was just the beginning of how enthusiastic Eric is as a dad.  He might not always match Evie's outfits correctly, but he gives 110% to being a father.

During those early months Eric would alternative late night feedings with me, even though he'd have to go to work the next day.

He loves to teach her new things.  Play. And let her "help" with the chores.  He's diligently helping her learn the sign of the cross and taught her how to yell say "AMEN"

He helps me around the house more than his fair share, including being on breakfast and morning coffee duty before he leaves for a long day at the office.

He even took her to her first girlie-girl tutu birthday party and didn't complain one bit!

And the proof is in the pudding.  Evie loves her Daddy like something fierce. The moment she wakes up from her afternoon nap, until the moment he arrives home from work she is nearly camped out by the back door waiting for him to arrive chanting "My Daddy - HOME!"

I am so blessed to call this man my husband, and more blessed by the husband and father he is.

Evie and I love you so much!!!

Evie's Father's Day slideshow from Elizabeth Buergler on Vimeo.

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  1. So sweet! Happy Father's Day, Eric! :)


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