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16 June, 2013

{Father's Day Weekend} A Trio of Tributes - My Dad

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Last year I briefly mentioned that my Dad and I didn't always get along. Being similar in always having to be right, get the last word, and being overly critical --- yeah, my mom has to referee once in a while.  It mostly ends with, "Elizabeth, just let it go" 

All that non-sense aside, my Dad and I enjoy several same interests and hobbies.  We love trading recipes or going to photography classes together.

Most of all my Dad gave me my emotional and sensitive side.  And he's always stressed the importance of good relationships.  He's always talking great about my mom. Encouraging us to do our best; to follow our dreams and the money will come.  And not to worry about things beyond our control, but to have faith in God.  He builds up our entire family bond.  Most importantly, he loves us kids like crazy and has gone to great lengths to sacrifice in order to provide for us.

Quite possibly my favorite Father-Daughter moment happened this year.   I mean, not much can top you dad walking you down the aisle on your wedding day, but this year he gave me the most incredible surprise.

See, there was some confusion between the DJ, the site manager, and the site manager's mother-in-law at our wedding. The entire time line we carefully worked out between the DJ and site manager got thrown out the window by the mother-in-law (who is the owner's wife).  It's a long story, but the jist is that the cake cutting was moved to the beginning of the reception and in doing so, the Father Daughter dance was somehow forgotten.

I'd always been so, so sad we never got this traditional moment together.

Little did I know, no sooner was my sister engaged, did my Dad ask, "Can I surprise Elizabeth with a Father-Daughter dance at your wedding?" 

So about one minute into Katie and our Dad's dance on her wedding day, did I hear the DJ call my name.  He explained the story to the rest of the guests.  Sam took Katie's hand and my Dad took mine.  It was hands down the best surprise I've ever received.

Thank you for this precious gift, Dad!!

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