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26 June, 2012

Happy [belated] Father's Day!

Wait? Wasn't that like almost two weeks ago?  Yep.  But if you consider I posted Evie's 7 month post about 20 days late, this is ahead of the curve.

This year we were blessed to celebrate Father's Day about 8 or 9 times.  Or something like that.

The week before Father's Day we celebrated with Eric's family at the Dillard House in North Carolina.

Evie got to spend the day with her daddy and her Grandpa Buergler, at their favorite place to eat.  Hooray!  I admire my father-in-law for his relationship with his kids.  He was often the one home to make dinner and help with homework. I am so glad that my husband has had such a great influence of a Dad who helps around the house, works hard, and still takes his kids out for movie night.

On actual Father's Day we were at the cabin with my grandfather and my brothers.

I am blessed beyond belief to have the generous, chivalrous grandfather that I do.  He bought me my first camera back in 3rd grade and took me on many-a-photowalks over the years.  He also took me on my first trip abroad when I turned 16.  We spend a whole year talking about my dream trip, and he saw to it that it was perfect.  And, of course, he's taught me the value of marriage (50+ years!) and my faith (he prays a rosary a day, but you'd never know because he does it in secret!).

And my brothers...I still cannot believe they are fathers.  I cannot believe that three out of four of us are parents. It's unreal.  I am so proud of Alex for finishing school and all that he's accomplished while having a baby in college. And I am proud of David for the sacrifices he makes to take care of Zach while Paige travels for work.  My brothers are amazing fathers and I love every second we get to share in parenting.

Unfortunately we couldn't be with my Dad on Father's Day.  He and my mom are still partying in Maine.  My Dad and I are way too much alike and our head butting made for some ugly-face-crying years back in the 90s, but things are better now.  I've learned so much from my Dad, and we've learned so much together.  He's taught me my love for music, architecture, food, and hosting a great party. I am still sat that our wedding reception venue messed up our itinerary and we never had our father-daughter dance. Someday, Dad, we'll dance to "Two Pina Coladas"

Most importantly, I am thankful for my husband and the incredible father he is to our sweet baby girl.  I have seen him cry maybe three times in my years of knowing him, and I will never forget the tears of joy he shed the moment Evie was born and the beautiful prayer he prayed in thanksgiving for our healthy delivery.  He has shared many sleepless night, comforted my tears of frustration with nursing and All The Things, and is eager to share his hobbies with Evie.

 This past weekend we were finally able to put Eric's birthday gift (Evie's bike seat) and his Father's Day gift (her helmet) to use.  We did a test ride around our apartment complex and then headed to the greenway for a quick 5 mile ride.
 You can see Evie's pouty / apprehensive face.  She's not too keen on trying new things...but once she does, she loves it (that apple didn't fall too far from this tree)

And, Papa, I've really missed you lately...especially since I saw a man at the pool during Evie's swim lessons that looked just like you... I told Evie all about you, and how you're the only person I've ever known who can perfectly mince garlic with a knife, or how you sang "Some Enchanted Evening" in my ear every time we parted ways.  Happy Father's Day in heaven :)

Happy [belated] Father's Day to all these great men, and to all the clergy who have been spiritual fathers for me over the years!  I love you :)

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