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12 December, 2012

With Love, The Buerglers

After a few too many Buergler Family Christmas photos taken in matching outfits, my mother-in-law heard Dan and I's grumblings and put us in charge of the family photo.  

No, seriously.  We hadn't even finished taking last years card picture (we were at the portrait studio waiting on the photographer) and Eric's brother-in-law (Dan) and I were griping about the matchy-matchy pink outfits (to honor Evie's arrival) and we were charged with picking out the outfits, location, time and date.  

Well, I waited 49 and a half weeks hoping she would pull something together, but no. She held to her word.  As I would too if my kids were complaining!!

I scoured photography websites and read the latest on family portrait sessions.  The first thing most of them said....gone are the days of the matching outfits. 

I pulled together a few sample palates courtesy of Pinterest and photography blogs.  I sent this email with a sample of attire:

As the designated outlaw in charge of the Christmas photo attire, I've
been doing a little color palate research. I am thinking something
like the attached photo. Blues, greys, khakis, denim, brown. If you
want to add a subtle pop of color, something like mustard or cranberry
or the like should work fine.

Layered, patterned, textured clothes that coordinate but don't match
are bring on the argyle, plaid, and layers!

Also, since we will probably be grouped with our spouse, don't match
each other :)

Fortunately, the lovely Miss Amy Smith was available that Saturday morning for a quick photo session. Amy did our maternity photos and is the author of the life style blog, The Charming Blog.

The family did a great job pulling together their outfits and we had fun working with Amy again!

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. These are perfect! Matching, without being "matchy-matchy"- a hard balance to strike. 


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