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19 December, 2012

What I'm Loving {9}

Wow! I haven't participated in this link up since JUNE.  So what are we loving these days at the Buergler House?  So many things. In fact I've debated about breaking this into multiple weeks, but nah...I have too many other fun things to write about!

In no particular order.  I am loving....

 Berkey Water Filter.

Eric and I read about this on Kitchen Stewardship (a catholic-hippie-foodie-mama). It's a bit pricey. But our tap water smells like a swimming pool and we don't believe in bottled water, so we thought the investment was worth the money. Merry Christmas to us!

(we each get $10 if you sign up and purchase through my link!!!) - It's a baby and kids online consignment sale. Genius right? I bought Evie 6 items, some still with tags "from" Baby Gap and Gymboree, including a flannel shirt dress and a sweater dress for a total of $40 with free shipping.  They are in mint condition. Quick shipping. And they even sent me a bag (with postage paid) to mail in some of our clothes to consign.

We're big into real food and low grains around here. And we love our crockpot. And I hate doing dishes. Y'all, this cookbook has been a life saver. Batch prepared freezer meals with pre-made grocery lists. Please and thank you.  And so, so delicious!

Click! Workshops
 My dad and I took our first photography class with them. I learned all about white balance, manual mode, and prime lenses.  I practiced a bit, but it was so much information at once and I got lazy and went back to priority mode.  Well, as a birthday gift, my parents gave me the refresher course.  The course ended up being 3 students. So we met at Starbucks and we had 2 hours to work with a professional.  So much fun!

Gap shirts in tall
I just discovered this online. I am not a "tall" by height. I just have a long torso and need a lot of fabric to cover the top...if you know what I mean... so my shirts are never long enough!  Gap Tall. you are my new favorite!

Stride Rite Outlet 
Lil'miss Evie takes after her mother: super wide feet.  With the cold weather and her learning to walk I thought it was time for shoes. But $40 a pair at Stride Rite? No thank you.  Fortunately I learned there is an outlet in North Georgia.  Worth the drive. $18 a pair! Thanks, Grandma Buergler!

This pedometer tracks steps, milage, stairs (and elevation in the form of stairs), and your sleep.  I bought it on a whim with a gift card and coupon at Target and have already lost 5lbs just by being aware of my activity level each day.  Their website is so pretty with all it's charts and should check it out and friend me if you have one! I love competition :)

Merrell Barefoot shoes

Speaking of the outlets. I scored a deal on these bad boys girls. Barefoot shoes that are creepy toe shoes (cough, cough, Eric, cough)  I bought the mulberry to wear with my boot cut jeans. They look like a regular ballet flat but feel like a glove.

Wow, I feel like I am doing a sales pitch, but I am really loving these things!!!

Linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday over at this kind of love

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  1. Love love love The Mama Baby Love cookbook. I new I wanted to make our babies food and this cookbook has been wonderful! Easy, healthy recipes. And I will have to check out Fitbit One!


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