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31 December, 2012

Christmas Continued 2012

It's not uncommon for Christmas in my family to last a full week (as it should!!!)
David and Paige drove up from Savannah the day after Christmas.  We'd saved gifts for my parents, our sibling gifts, and the stockings for their arrival.

(Obligatory picture of Evie McFly)

We had another big family Christmas dinner (Dad...where is the iPhoto photo of us leaned back at the dinner table?!?!).  Evie didn't even make it through dinner.  Poor thing was (and still is) exhausted from all the Christmas fun!  As soon as dinner was over we did presents AGAIN!

 Zachary and Connor had so much fun playing with all the boy toys.

My mom got another pair of bunny slippers!  It's tradition :)
(Don't worry, that's not really an iPad on the floor, it's the picture of one from the packaging of Evie's FisherPrice iPad case)

Then it was time for stockings!!!!  My mom always manages to save the best for last!  I mean, that shark hat?  So adorable.  Evie got a cupcake hat and mittens. Oh my! So cute!

All the guys received a bacon themed apron. Each one a little different and perfect for the recipient. Eric's says, Carpe Bacon

Sam and Katie asked for a cute picture with Sam modeling their new apron....

 And then my dad said, "Oh wait...let me photobomb it!"

 And we celebrated Alex's birthday a day early since we were all there.  26 on the 27! (Almost a golden birthday like Katie and I had this year!)
It's a family one in my family gets an actual cake.  Alex always gets Fried Dough!

And then it was time for more Crustashes...

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