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31 December, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

After a late night at Christmas Eve dinner, Evie slept in an extra hour (wa-hooey!).  We started the morning with a light breakfast and Christmas morning prayers around the advent wreath (week #2 didn't stay lit so we traded it with #4).

 Then it was time for presents!!!  Evie opened them...

 and carefully.

 YAY!  An  ND shirt from Aunt Leeann and Uncle Dan!
 And new bath toys from Santa!
 And a water table for this summer!!

Eric and I exchanged a few small things from each other.  Our main gift was the new water filter.

After we wrapped up (no pun intended) gifts and family time at our house, we headed to my parents house for our traditional jammies-all-day brunch and gift exchange.  My grandfather dressed up like Santa for photos with the great-grand kids.

Of course there was the Surprise! Santa came! photo on the stairs!
 And brunch with my grandparents

We enjoyed hours of exchanging and opening gifts. Eric and I got most of the things on our wish list (the rest of our every day dishes and silverware to complete our set of 12).  But we each had a few surprises!   

Evie was spoiled, as expected, with a Melissa & Doug shopping cart, recycled plastic dishes, and a whole kit of toy food!  (She got my old wooden play kitchen earlier in the week).  She also got a Little Tikes picnic table.

My mother always finds a few surprise gifts that make us laugh.... like Katie's Crustache Crust Cutter.  Many tiny sandwiches and laughs were had by all :)

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