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17 September, 2011

Maternity Photos: A sneak peek!

Last Saturday I mentioned my friend Amy took some maternity photos of me and Eric.  I loved the location she chose - an old cotton mill, destroyed by Sherman's March to the Sea, along a stream that feeds the Chattahoocee River.  As much as Eric and I love to hike, we had never been there.  And it's 3 miles from hour apartment.  We will definitely be back.

I met Amy while I was attempting graduate school.  I could take some undergraduate level courses to fulfill content requirements and that's where my path crossed Amy's.  She sat behind me (or I sat in front of her).  I noticed her because of all the religious medal on her necklace.  Figures that in a class of 90 people,  I'd sit next to the only other Catholic one :)  We got to talking over the semester and discovered we had a lot of mutual connections.  That was the only class we had together, but we've kept up on Facebook, e-mail, and blogging.

When Amy offered to take maternity photos of us I knew how busy she was now that she's planning a wedding and doing her nursing rotations for nursing school, I didn't want to impose.  But knowing how good her photograph is, I knew that if she offered again I'd jump on the opportunity. She has such a natural eye :)

Our photo shoot day was very fun and relaxed.  I don't know if we're just more comfortable with it now that we've had engagement and wedding photos, or if Amy made all the difference (I'd go with the latter),  as everything went smoothly and naturally.

My mom asked if we'd have a few photos in time for her to print and use to decorate the baby shower.  Again, Amy came through. Here's a few of Amy's favorites that she sent over last night.

Let's discuss: Eric is so thin & I am so wide you can't even see him behind me! haha


  1. ooo~~ you're hair looks FAB!

  2. omg i'm revealing my full emotional dork right now, but those pics are just so beautiful and exciting that i just teared up a little bit. . Ok, now that that's done-- back to sarcastic and witty Callie.  Thank you and have a nice day. 

  3. I love the one of you looking at your beautiful!!!!!

  4. Pretty! I love the one of you looking down at your belly. Maybe it should go in a frame on baby's wall?!


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