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02 September, 2011

{Kid}ding around Friday: Baby Girl's Crib

Growing Up Gardner

I am excited to occasionally link up with this new blog party, now that I have a "kid" to participate.  

After several (easily a half dozen) trips to buybuybaby and Pottery Barn Kids carefully discerning cribs, Eric and I finally picked out the crib for baby girl and (God willing) future Baby Buerglers.  We had our eye on two very similar cribs. One at each store.  Same color and similar design.  However, one was a bit more expensive. 

I did a little online review reading and found that the cheaper one had great reviews and people were genuinely impressed with the quality for the price.  The more expensive one had opposite reviews, people were disappointed in the quality for the price.  So, that settled it.  Cheaper one it is!  

We are so thankful to Eric's parents for their generous gift.  They even bought us the mattress and toddler rail to go with it!


Won't it look *adorable* with this bedding?

(Now we just need baby girl to come!!!)

 I really wish my phone wasn't dead so I could have taken pictures of him tying it on the roof of the Jeep.  Just use your imagination.  It was that entertaining.  He had four employees in the parking lot watching him.  

Have I mentioned my love for the link hostess, Amanda, at Growing Up Gardner?  I've never actually met her, but I admire her from afar...haha! She's a serious SAHM DIY-er with a great sense of style and passion for her kids (and decorating!).  I first discovered her on The Busy Budgeting Mama when her Nautical Nursery was featured. If you're looking for a new fresh read, check her out!

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