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07 October, 2012

Evie: 10 Months

I wrote this a month ago, but never got around to uploading the pictures, sorry for the delay! Evie turns 11 months tomorrow!

Weight: 24.5
Length/Height: ~30 inches
Eats: 3 solid meals, one snack, 30oz of formula, 5+oz of water
Diapers: no change
Clothes: 18 months, with a few random 12 months

Firsts for Evie
August 17
Finally started crawling!!

August 23-Sept 2 (Ireland week)
Spent the week shuffling between grandparents' houses
Cut her a top front tooth! (the other is on it's way!)
Ice cream cone with Nana & Grandpa

Sept 5
Started going to a sitter on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with a co-worker's son

Evie doesn't seem to have as many fun "firsts" but she is checking off milestones like crazy!  She has finally reached the object permanence phase.  She looks for things when we ask where they are.  She knows which room we are in when we call her.

New foods: scrambled eggs, toast or pancakes, mixed veggies, ravioli with sauce, meatballs

Evie is starting to say a few words with correct associations: dada, mama, and dog.

Waves hello, goodbye, and any time she wants to say "hi"

Has mastered crawling.  She even carries things around with her, like Delaney, but most especially the Roku remote.

She loves to look in boxes for toys, and helps herself to her toy bins.

Evie no longer sleeps with a blanket or pacifier.  She is in a great nap and bed time routine (finally!)

Loves playing with all sorts of toys, and non-toys (boxes, purses, diaper bag, tupperware, etc), but has her favorite Sophie, Delaney, and Glowie.  

Trying to pull her self up, but can only do it with the help of mom or dad.

Finally learned how to drink from a sippy cup.  She's mastered a real cup (with help) and a straw.

Can hold her own bottle, including the 10oz glass ones.

Likes to read books and turn the pages.
Likes to sleep on her stomach with her face wedged in the corner
Like to "help" making her bottles. Laughs when it's time to "shake-a-shake-a-shake"
Doesn't like stage 2 baby food. Spits it out all over the place.
Doesn't like being in a room alone. She'll cry if she can't see one of us.

Evie eats like a champion!  She had mostly self weened from purees before we left for Ireland and by the time we returned she was only eating table food and the occasional stage 3.  We give her just about everything we're eating for dinner as long as it's not too chewy, tough or spicy.  She loves to feed herself, as is very dainty about it, but she takes FOREVER!

We've packed up the Exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up.  This girl loves to crawl and stand!

She mostly skipped the 12 month clothes.  She lasted in 9 months forever and then I unpacked the 12 and they already seemed too small.  She can still wear 12 month dresses, but she is a solid 18 months!

She's held to her same schedule from last month.  This has been a huge blessing to Eric and I.  We feel like we can plan stuff around her now that she's fairly predicable. 

She's still waking up about once a night, though she's getting better at calming her self back to sleep and doesn't need a clean diaper or bottle.  We're hoping for a few all-nighters again soon!

Her naps are getting shorter. They've gone from about 2 hours twice a day, to 45-90 minutes twice a day.  Some mornings she only sleeps about 30 minutes.  I am thinking the one nap a day might be around the corner (oh, sad day!)

What they say...
"Savor this is around the corner"
"Enjoy her now before she can talk back!"
"No seriously, she is the cutest baby"

We are...
Itching to buy a house. We'd love to have more room for her to play!
Really enjoying the phase of crawling, exploring, snuggling, peek-a-booing, reading stories, and watching our Little Bit grow and learn
Ready for her to flip her carseat around (though we have to wait another year!)
Thinking of trading in the Wrangler for a more suitable Daddy car.
Loving that Eric has been home all month to help care for and play with Evie!

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