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12 January, 2011

Snowcation, Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snowmygosh 2011

Call it what you will.

Its awful out there.  For three days.

Here's how Snowcation 2011 has gone down for the Buerglers.


The forecast for the 4-11 inches of snow called for the weather to turn around 9pm.  However, running a youth group that ends at 8 pm, could potentially be dangerous.  Around 1pm we decided to cancel youth group incase the snow came early, especially for our parishioners that live far away.

So a good percentage of the adult volunteers went to Taco Mac for beers and queso!  It's always fun to bond with them, especially when the teens aren't around :)

We all left around 9pm, when the roads were still dry as a bone.  By 10, however, we'd had over an inch of snow.

I went to be around 1 am.  I'd earned my super duper and epic swarm badge on for checking into Snowcation Hothlanta 2011.  The nerd in me was satisfied (it was like geeky Christmas!) and the ground had a good 4 inches of snow.


We woke up to probably close to 5 or 6 inches. Which, excuse me, is the most I've seen since it snowed in my pool during graduation week at UD, FIVE YEARS AGO.

 Eric and I promptly did chores, cleaned the house, made a French Toast bar (with homemade honey-wheat bread!)

We had no idea how long we'd be cooped up, so it was nice to catch up on projects.  We started to hang our new IKEA curtains in the living room, but got a call from Katie, who was stuck at Sam's house, to bring her some clean clothes and a sled. So we suited up and carefully drove over to Sam's house.

Once we arrived, we had a blast playing in the snow.  However, the sheet of ice forming on top of the snow was a little crunchy / annoying.

After our "sledding", "snow angels" and "snow men" (yes, I used quotes for a reason...because they weren't quality situations), we went inside for some ridiculously delicious grilled cheese, soup, cards, and cleaning out Sam's pantry.

Yes.  I found S.E.V.E.N bags of Tostitos Scoops.

And as The Economist will tell you, "Please, Not Again"

Eric and I made it home, leaving Katie and Sam stuck for another day.  That night Eric and I made it to Taco Mac Crabapple for the BCS Bowl and a few beers.  It was nice to get out of the house while we could.  Thank God for four-wheel drive.


We made a promise to get the curtains hung, so we took our first day trip to Home Depot.  The roads were in worst shape, but again, thanks for four-wheel drive Jeep we made it okay.  The only work being done on the road was from the "rent me" bobcat at Home Depot.  It was cute.  And not really doing anything helpful to the roads. Ha.

 I'm still playing with exactly how I want them.  Side sweep/traditional, or tied up as pictured, or other? Any ideas?  I want to decide before I cut the extra food off the bottom of the sheers.

Anyway.  Eric and I watched most of Dexter Season 1 (aaah!) before we went over to Sean's house for beers and games with Chance.  I have a new love for Rummikub, by the way.

It was clear that the roads were going to be worse on the way home (and the next day) than they were on the way to Sean's house because we slid down the sidewalks on the way out to the car.  The roads were worse, and predictions for an even worse Wednesday was a reality.


This morning Eric went to work.  Not so much to actually get things done, but to get out of the house. I decided to make the most of the day, and since it's likely we'll be iced in until Saturday, made a bit of a schedule for myself.  I took a shower, cleaned up, and went on like most days...unlike the last two days of PJs until 7pm.  

I met Eric and his co-worker for lunch at Twisted Taco.  The side roads are HORRIBLE.  I slid several times and swerved a little going into the parking lot.

After lunch I went to Publix to stock up on a few more meals.  The stores are more than half empty.  Everything from chicken to fruit to toilet paper. Gone.

The drive home from Publix was the worst of all our outings. I tried to go home the back way. Mistake.  I got about a quarter of the way.  That's when I saw the tow trucks turning around and the pick up truck with the broken axel abandon on the side of the road.  Yikes!  I had to slowly turn around and find another way out to the main roads.  It was slow going, but I finally made it.

The rest of the day has been pretty uneventful. 

Until... we got noticed that we could renew our lease for another year.  We were expecting a 30-50% rate increase, but it was only.... drumroll..... $65.  Oh thank God.  We can rearrange the budget for that. But 30%?  50%? We'd have to get a roommate (weird.) or move home (also weird.)

So cheers!  Here's to another day of school closings and icey roads.

And maybe a little more sunshine :)


  1. I love how entertaining you made this "great storm" out to be. Having lived in GA my whole life, I decided not to venture out on to the streets. Your snow adventures sounded like this might have been a week you've been needing for awhile. Hope you have a safe rest of your week!


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