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02 October, 2012

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Because I work on Sundays, I take a day during the normal work week "off".  I don't answer emails, I don't take phone calls, and I don't go into the office.

Because Eric is working from home until November, we've have taken advantage of our unusual weekday family time.

Last Tuesday we woke up to a beautiful day.  Low 80s and not a cloud in the sky.  I craved the outdoors.

I randomly said, "Let's go to the Botanical Gardens".  I've never been there.  And it's practically Fall.  I figured there wouldn't be much to see, but we decided to go anyway.

Thank you to the almighty Internet, I found 2-for-1 tickets, and children under 2 are free.  Sweet.

Eric and I packed up Evie and we were out the door, in the car, and headed to downtown Atlanta.  Yes, our botanical gardens are in the middle of the city.

Despite being surrounded by skyscrapers and traffic jams, this little verdure haven had a terrific display of fall flowers, grasses, and lively green houses.  We were excited to see so many unexpected blooms (and bees!)

 (and this is why you don't wear bright white to a photo shoot at noon on a cloudless day)

Evie was such a trooper.  She had fun touching the plants, walking through the misty green house, and watching the fish ponds.  We're hoping to take her this winter to the Garden Lights with the hot chocolate and blankets.

While we were there, we got word that we had a showing at a house.....

But more on that later :)

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