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14 October, 2012

I'll stop the world and melt with you* {Happy 30 to me}

According to (It's the new dictionary), 
The 30th birthday is special. You are now officially a mature and responsible adult who has the necessary wisdom to make important decisions in life. The 30th birthday heralds your adult status with measured indulgence. 

This statement is exactly what I thought 30 to be like as I watched my friend's [much older] older siblings turned 30.  I thought they had the world figured out. Ha!  More like, at 30 I realize how little I know about the world.  I do feel like I have the "necessary wisdom to make important decisions in life"  which still, often results in a call to Mom and Dad.  Knowing when to call for help is wise, right?

All sentiment aside, the actual turning of 30 was a grand celebration.  My husband and sister threw a small party for me.  They served all my favorite foods, including diet staple, grilled cheese. (HHhmmm maybe THIS is why I can't seem to lose that muffin top.)

 (for those of you always asking, these are "Totchos")

 After lots of tasty appetizers, it was time for the real feast. The make-your-own grilled cheese "bar".  There were four choices of breads, all from the Publix bakery. 

  Eric went to Star Provisions to pick up lots of fancy, local cheeses.
He also picked up some store brand cheeses for some extra melty goodness.  A variety of seasoning were available as well. 
 Soften butter, bacon, and tomatoes rounded out the fixings for the grilled cheese bar.  
Let the games begin!
 Look who is hiding in this picture with Eric.  The one and only Rosemary Walsh.  She made a cameo for my big day!  Such a good surprise!!!

Melty goodness for everyone.  So good!  

Sam, Eric and Sean also brewed me my very own birthday beer, "Betty Buergler's Birthday Brown Ale" (Not to be confused the one they brewed for Evie when she was born, "Baby Buergler's Birth_Day Brown Ale")  The remaining keg is at home on our tap.  Not only is it my favorite style of beer, but they did a great job with it as well! Thank you, guys!
Me and Leeann (Eric's sister).  The over 30 club. 
We're almost exactly two months apart. I married a younger man, remember?

 And to make my birthday EVEN BETTER, my husband ordered Dorothy Lane Market Killer Brownies as my "cake".   I discovered these unique-to-Dayton-Ohio goodies on my birthday my sophomore year of college.  Now it just isn't my birthday with out them. 

Thank you for such a thoughtful celebration.  And thanks to everyone who grabbed my camera for pictures.  I'm just sorry it wasn't on the correct settings!

It's great to know I'm SO loved!!!

Now that I am thirty, I reviewed my 30x30 list.  What should I do next?

*Modern English (This line always makes me think of grilled cheese mmmm)

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  1. I can hear us getting fatter! Nom nom nom! So glad to be there to eat, I mean, celebrate!


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