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30 October, 2012

Evie Bee

Since almost day one, Evie earned the nickname "Little B" from me, and "Little Bit" from her daddy. This has escalated into Evie having "Bee" things, like her lunch box for the sitters and her backpack for Nana's house.

When Eric's sister called and offered to make Evie a Halloween costume (yes, please, I don't do Halloween) she asked what Evie wanted to "be" for Halloween (see what I did there?).  I knew instantly that Evie needed to be a Little Bee!

Aunt Leeann and Grandma did an outstanding job making Evie's little costume from scratch!

We had a great time "walking" around their neighborhood Fall festival.  We can't wait for next year when Evie can actually do things like the pony rides and bounce house.

This year we just stuck to the swings...and tried the slide, but she's just not into sliding yet.

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