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07 June, 2012

Our Honeymoon Revisited!

My best friend from high school (the Florida years) was in town for the night.  We haven't seen each other in over three years.

We remembered the last time we saw each other was the week we were assembling our wedding invitations (courtesy of Little Leaf Design).  Erin couldn't make it to our wedding because she was entering the Sisters of Life.

While I was bummed she couldn't make it to our big day, Eric and I were so excited for her "yes" to religious life and her journey ahead.  Well, long story short, that journey recently came to an end and Erin has been on the road visiting friends and family.

It was incredible to catch up over late night cookies and early morning coffee.  I was delighted to show her our wedding album.  All she had seen was one or two pictures I sent her in a Christmas letter to her that first year.

In light of looking at our wedding album, and braining storming my upcoming guest post on marriage over at The Charming (yay! Amy's getting married!), I decided to spend Evie's nap time today to move Eric and I's honeymoon blog on over to this one.  I post dated all the entries so they fit the timeline of the other wedding blog entries I've they're waaaay back there.

Check out each day:

Day 1  - The Airport
Day 2 - San Francisco
Day 3 - Sequoia (pt 1)
Day 4 - Sequoia (pt 2)
Day 5 - Carmel-by-the-Sea
Day 5 pt 2 - Dinner at Bernardus
Day 6 - Carmel & Monterey
Day 7 - The Road Home

Or catch them all here.

**Please enjoy our  videos (1989 Family Video Style) that accompany each day**


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