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03 June, 2012

A Weekend in Highlands

Thursday night Eric and I were doing our usual run down of the weekend's plans.  

He was packing for a guy's back yard camping adventure (of which I have yet to hear any details of, other than the "what happened to your arm?" "i was climbing a tree" chatter we had during the Offertory at Mass) with the youth group guys.

I had a litany of things I could do for the weekend - another graduation party, another ordination Mass, and another load of laundry.

Instead, at 9:30 pm Thursday night I picked up the phone and asked my grandparents if Evie and I could come for a visit.  We were meeting Eric's family near their place for lunch on Sunday afternoon anyway.  If I was going to make the two hour drive for lunch, why not go early and stay the whole weekend.

So we did.

I packed us up on Friday, got an oil change and drove through a rain storm for a long weekend of R&R at  my grandparents cabin in Highlands, NC.

We did nothing.  Literally, nothing.  We ate. We chatted. We played with Evie.  We caught up on life happenings and family stories.  We didn't even play cards or get dressed more than sweat pants as it was an unexpected high of 60.  

It was great to spend time with them since they were in Dayton when we went up in May.

They snagged this beer for me on their Ohio trip.  It's from a microbrewery in the town next to where my college boyfriend grew up.  Even though he's ancient history, the memories of my time visiting the farm towns are precious and my grandparents know they brought me this special treat.
 My grandma was Pinteresting before Pinterest was Interesting.  Or, she just reads a lot of Southern Living ;-)

Sunday afternoon, Evie and I rolled down the mountain to Dillard, GA for lunch with Eric's family at the Dillard House.  His family LOVES that place.  I, however, would prefer to spend $20 on a fillet and not on mushy Southern food. Just saying.  It was our Father's Day celebration with them so I couldn't complain.

And Eric and Evie reunited for the first time since Thursday night.  My heart melted...into a big sappy puddle.

We mashed up some cooked carrots - didn't take much - they were basically molded baby food already and fed Evie her first few bits of Dillard House. Blah.

My father-in-law exclaimed, "She likes it! Score one for Team Buergler" Yeah, yeah, just wait until Evie has teeth.

Eric drove home with us and we made it back in time for laundry, Mass, dinner, and an early bed time.

I love spontaneous, relaxing weekends and I am so thankful for my grandparents generosity and gracious hosting!

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  1. You have the most beautiful family :) Such sweet set of photos & moments.. Lovely post!

    SatuIndie by heart


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