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12 June, 2012

Happy Retirement, Mom!

After being a substitute teacher while completing her Bachelors with 4 elementary school aged kids, teaching, then teaching while completing her Masters with 4 high school aged kids, and becoming a school librarian & administrator, Kelly hangs up her hat. Thanks for showing us hard work and the value of Catholic Education!!! I love you :)

A couple decades ago, ahem, when I was in elementary school my grandfather retired from corporate America.  My mom threw him a retirement party, complete with out of town family, skits, a roast, and dozen of trucker hats decorated with paint pens that said, "The Big 'R'"

After Mom threatened our lives we had to swear not to throw any big parties for her.  So, instead, we threw a low-key immediate family only brunch.

My siblings and I put together a retirement survival kit, and made our own version of the "The Big R" gear.

All of us shared in the retirement gift-giving fun!

The day after her last day of school my parents took off for another month long trip to Maine.  After a week of phone calls and Facetimes about lighthouses and pincic dinners... I opened my Facebook to find these shenanigans going on...

Guess she's enjoying her retirement.

Happy BIG "R", Mom!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, if my mom ever went mattress surfing I would die! Too funny!


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