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11 October, 2009

{Honeymoon} Airport Mayhem

This morning Eric and I were sent off in style!  The Buergler’s hosted a brunch for us to visit with our family and out of town guests one last time before leaving for our honeymoon. 

As many of you know, Eric kept the honeymoon a complete surprise except for a brief packing list, weather forecast and the general destination of “California”.  For all I knew we could be skiing one day, swimming one day, and drinking wine another.  It wasn’t until our arrival at the ticketing counter and the sky cap said, “Two for San Francisco”

Tim drove us to the airport and joking said, “hope you don’t miss your flight” as he dropped us off, because Dan & Leeann missed their honeymoon flight.

Well, we did.  Thanks, Dad!

Our itinerary said 2:50 PM departure, but we quickly found out that the flight had been changed to 1:40.  Despite Eric’s best planning efforts, he cannot turn back time.  Alas, we had to change to a later flight.  We ended up on the last flight out scheduled for 7:02.

Since we had so many details to sort out with hotels, rental cars, and the airline, Eric and I thought it best to just stay at the Atlanta airport in anticipation of our flight.  This actually worked in our favor because we were able to spend a few hours visiting with some of our college friends also waiting on flights.

Our 7:02 flight finally boarded at 7:55 and departed at 8:30.  And the rest of our travels were uneventful, and as Aunt Jo says, “uneventful is a good thing!”

The first stop in California was In-and-Out Burger!  I am amused by the fact that you can get a combo meal at In-and-Out for cheaper than a tank of gas cost in California.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of our trip unfolds.  So far I know that tomorrow we’re going to sight see a little in San Francisco before we head to our real destination.

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