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11 June, 2012

Miscellany Monday {10}

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We are blessed with an awesome infant, but afternoon naps have become the bane of my existence.  And because no one is around to experience it, no one believes me that our sweet little angel can be such a devil for 2 or 3 hours a day.

Evie, Eric and I LOVE to Facetime with my brother, his wife, and their son, Zachary.  We shared lots of "dinners" together this week.  David and I don't even talk on the phone anymore, we just Facetime and chase babies around the house.

My siblings and I are going to visit my grandparents for a long weekend this coming weekend.  My parents are still on vacation, so it will be just the four of us, plus spouses and kids.  I am really looking forward to this.  Some one please remind me to take the video camera.

We bought raw milk this weekend.  I know there is a lot of debate out there about it, but after years of thinking about it, Eric and I finally found a source at our regular farmers market.  Eric and I each had a small glass of it yesterday, and I mixed some in my coffee today.  Eh. Jury is still out.

Saturday night we had our first couple's bible study with other parents from Evie's playgroup.  It was just three couples this week, but it was great to break open The Word with other Catholic Parents.  Especially since we discussed Sunday's Gospel. Hooray, Feast of Corpus Christi!

We went shopping for a bike helmet for Evie.  Eric did lots of online research and then we took the little nugget to REI to try them on.  Eric held her upside down to test their proper fit.  Evie thought it was hilarious. (Side note: I am counting down the hours until my new phone ships. It has a *much* better camera)

Evie and I started Mom & Me swim classes. It's half water aerobics for me, and half water orientation for Evie.  We have our second class tomorrow. She is already quite the water baby and enjoyed our Friday afternoon swim with Grandma B.

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  1. hey there! i just wanted to say thanks for your comments every so often! with the whole-adjusting-to-a-newborn thing, commenting has been put on the back burner for me over the last couple months. but i've really enjoyed reading your blog! little evie is SO adorable! 


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