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18 January, 2012

Two Month Check Up

On Monday we took Miss Evie for her two month check up.  Our regular pediatrician was out, so we met with the other one.  She wasn't quite as great, but was still helpful with answering our handful of questions.

The nurse came in and asked all the milestone questions, like how is she eating, pooping, sleeping, etc? Does she smile? Hold her head up? Respond to your voice?

And then we measured and weighed her.  She is growing like a champ!

Evie is now 23 inches tall (65%) and weighs 12 lbs 13 oz (86%).  She flip flopped her stats from her one month check up.  Her ratio was more long and lean before.

Then we waited for the doctor.

Once she arrived she checked Evie's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, legs and belly. Everything looked great!  The doctor even commented that Evie looks like a girl.  Apparently it can take a year for a baby to look like their gender.  Who knew?

It was nice to talk to her about how to ween to formula, but then she challenged me to continue pumping, or even trying breast feeding again.  She told me how hard it was for her, too, especially as a full time doctor and mom!

We also went over a few tips for flying (we're going to Minnesota next month), like to have a bottle or pacifier ready for take off and landing to help keep Evie's ears from getting plugged.

Lastly, she prepared us for Evie's shots.  We went over the list and signed our permission for her to be vaccinated.

The doctor left and the nurse returned with the tray full of shots.  Yikes!

Eric held Evie still while the nurse administered the oral vaccine and the three shots.  Evie screamed like I've never heard before upon receiving each shot, but quickly calmed down.  Thank goodness!  We had a bottle ready and fed her until she was sound asleep and tucked in her car seat.

I have had several friends say it's so hard to watch your child receive a shot, but maybe since I don't get weirded out by them (don't get me wrong, I don't like it) it wasn't too hard for me to watch.  It wasn't a blast either.

Over all Evie had a great check up.  We are so thankful for such a healthy baby!

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