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30 January, 2012

Miscellany Monday {5}

Miscellany Monday @
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Eric and I had a good laugh over blogger friend Bethany's post about her husband and skinny jeans.  Eric and Bethany's husband would be two peas in a pod (if we all ever met!).  Engineers who hate well fitting skinny jeans, unite!

Evie was Baptized this weekend along side our nephew and now Godson, Zachary.  Post coming soon!  Eric and I were so filled with joy all day on Saturday.  We equated it with our wedding day, minus the nerves.  God is good!

You hear on sitcoms or in pop culture that marriage is the end of romance.  I disagree, the romance just has a different face.  Today, for instance, Eric emptied the dishwasher before he left for work.  He didn't have to (okay, maybe he is his chore), but it was nice that it was done in the morning so I could fill it during the day instead of waiting to do all the dishes at night.

Evie and I had our first playgroup with a group of women and children from church last week.  It was so great to meet some new faith-filled mamas.  I am looking forward to our future together.

I finished our 2011 photo book in iPhoto a few weeks ago but finally got around to ordering it yesterday.  I can't wait to see it.  I've also started working on a blog2print book of my old blog.  I want to preserve it before it disappears from the Internet like my two college ones did.

We're taking advantage of this easy stage with Evie.  I take her to bible study and occasionally to work. Eric stays home with her on Mondays so I can go to a photography class with my dad, and on Thursdays so I can go to a yoga class.  Eric goes out occasionally after work or on a weekend afternoon.  Our super-busy lives have certainly slowed down a bit with a baby, but they haven't come to a screeching halt.  It's a good transition to having more children (God willing) when sneaking out for fun classes on week nights will become less likely.

What's on your mind today?


  1. your evie looks so beautiful.  my honey joined the no skinny jean club last year actually. ; )

  2. First, what a sweet expression on her baptismal face!
    Next, about the pants.  Once I got Dan to wear GAP jeans. They were his size and on sale. And good lookin!  He called them his fashion jeans.   He put them in the donate pile a while back because he thought they were too youthful.  I mourn the loss.
    You are in a great phase now!!!! Elsa couldn't sit through a Bible study.  She'd crawl through one.  But she's too small for the child care that is provided since its elementary aged kids mostly.  So that's a bummer.
    And... blogs can disappear!! Eek. I had better start backingup. I have never done it, and I wonder why you chose blog2print over blurb?  Price?

    Finally...its the fifth monday already!! Eek!

  3. about the blog book...I was in the process of making one on Blurb, but it seemed too time consuming to make my own layouts / move all the pictures so I lost interest.  I was reading another blog and she said she uses blog2print so I decided to check it out - it does all the customizing I need and is way easier to manage.  Once I order it, if it's crap, I'll check out Blurb again.  One of the features that blog2print does is make a book based on labels...should be easy enough for me to streamline a baby book for Evie out of it too!  Have you used either of the programs or even a different one?

    As for my college blogs disappearing, one was on Open Diary and they closed the account due to inactivity (probably should have listened to the 10 warnings they sent me!) and one was on blogger back in the early days and I don't know what happened to it!

  4. Thanks!  Apparently there is a men against skinny jeans club that no one told the fashion industry.  :)


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