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20 January, 2012

Five Question Friday {1}

It's been a long time since I've done one of these, in fact, I am not sure I have ever posted one on this blog.  After doing so many Evie posts I thought it would be fun to have a little change of pace...

1Where do you hide the reeeally good snacks?

Since my child is not of the walking, or even eating solids age, I don't have to hide them.  Eric and I don't keep many snacks in the house anyway.  I do, however, keep a stash at work.  They are on my overhead cabinet.  Unless you're sitting at my desk chair they're hard to reach.  This way any raiding co-workers won't find them if they're perusing for a pen or stapler.

2. Do you keep your vehicle clean or am I the only one who has things falling out of their van?

Yes, my CRV is usually a site to behold.  It's stayed a little cleaner now that I don't do drive-thru very often, but stuff still seems to accumulate in there.  It's hard enough getting a baby and diaper bag out of the car (half the time I forget my phone in the cup holder!), let alone all the crap that seems to multiply in the back.

On more than one occasion I've needed an emergency change of clothes and was able to pull an outfit together out of my trunk. Woof!

I am fairly certain that my parents and in-laws would be appalled if they ever needed a ride with me.  eek!

3. Have you ever been to Vegas?

A family that gambles together stays together, right?  haha.  I have yet to go to Vegas, though it's not for lack of invitation.  My father-in-law had a pretty serious gambling hobby (he's very responsible, don't worry!) that affords him free hotel stays, buffets, drinks, etc.  However, I have just never been able to make it on any of the trips.  I don't have much desire to gamble, but since it has been such a big part of Eric's life, I'd like to go just to have a premise for so many family stories.  Besides, my mother-in-law says the pools and shopping are great! :)

4. Warm room light blankets or cold room warm snuggly blanket?

Oh man.  I like a chilly room with medium blankets?  I would say a cold room with lots of blankets, but I don't like getting out of that warm bed into a cold room.  For-get-it.  I also need to sleep with something heavy on me, so if the room is too warm then I get all hot and nasty. Bleh.

5. What is the worst airplane/flying experience you've ever had?

Can I list three?  They are all for very different reasons.

#3 The time I sat in coffee. And had to air dry my panties in the bathroom.

#2 I was flying to Atlanta to Chicago and just as the plane was about to touchdown, we took off again.  There was still a plane sitting on the landing strip and we almost crashed in to it.  Pretty sure someone in air traffic control lost their job that day.  I have never been more panic stricken in my life.  Holy. Cow.

#1 Flying from London-Heathrow to Minneapolis/St. Paul (layover) I had forgotten to take a second dose Dramamine and we hit some horrible turbulence as I was eating dinner and enjoying my glass of wine.  The food, wine and motion sickness were too much for my tummy to handle.  

I ran to the bathroom, didn't even close the door, and started barfing...for like an hour.  The flight attendant held my hair and brought me cool rags.  They let me stand in the back for a while and someone found me a dose of Dramamine.  Needless to say I was beyond thrilled when the second leg of my flight I was bumped up to First Class and had a fluffy pillow and blanket to sleep with.  

I now take Zofran when I fly (it's what they give cancer patients to combat nausea).

I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a lovely weekend!

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