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12 January, 2012

Evie: Two Months

Weighs: we find out on Monday
Height: we find out on Monday
Eats: 750ml-950ml a day, about 8-10 feedings total
Diapers: almost graduated from Tiny Fit to regular fit cloth, we use both now. Size 1 in disposables.
Clothes: almost grown out of 0-3 month, and fits perfectly in size 3 month. (she's wearing the same shirt in both of these photos)
Firsts for Evie
Dec 20 - Overnight at Nana and Grandpa's house 
Dec 21 - Social smile, but is still very selective with them!
Dec 25 - Christmas
Dec 29 - Successful nursing
Jan 9-12 - Stuffy nose / watery eyes

Dec 16 - Packed up Evie's Newborn clothes. Mommy got a little teary eyed.

Evie and I are slowly getting the hang of nursing and do so probably once or twice every other day.

Sleeps two 4-6 hour stretches at night, and is staying asleep or very relaxed when she eats during the night.

Staying awake for about two hours in the morning, an hour in the afternoon, and then three to five hours in the evening.

Focuses her eyes on people and will follow them.

Can bring her hand to her mouth to suck on it, but only as a hunger sign, not to be soothed.

Cries when she has a wet diaper.

Discovered she has a tongue! She sticks it out and rolls it.  This has replaced rooting as a hunger sign.

Likes looking at lights and mirrors.

Likes walks in the Ergo Baby.

Likes blowing bubbles with her mouth

Likes snuggling and taking chest naps.

Likes being soothed with the pacifier.

Laying on her playmat and smiling at the little dangling critters.

Dislikes being cold when sleeping.

Dislikes having hats put on, but doesn't mind wearing them.

Dislikes getting in the car seat, but likes riding in the car or stroller.

Dislikes anything over her face.

Evie is still sleeping in the cradle in our room.  She usually wiggles her way to the side and sleeps snuggled up against it. 

She's started to snort when she cries.  It's funny, but it sounds painful.

Evie almost always has her hands in a fist with her thumb tucked in. When she's hungry she'll suck on her hand.  I think she's trying to suck her thumb, but doesn't realize it's tucked in a fist.

She only sucks on the pacifier long enough to be soothed and then she spits it out.  If she spits it often we know she's probably hungry.

Her nails are getting sharp, but aren't ready to be cut yet. This results in lots of scratches on my chest, though thankfully she doesn't scratch her face.

She's taken to pulling on guys chest hair when she's snuggling.

She doesn't sleep on her side much anymore, unless we don't swaddle her.  She also is (finally) turning her head both left and right when she sleeps.  She was strongly favoring her right side until this week.

I am down to 5 pumping sessions a day, producing the same amount of milk as I was pumping 6-8 times a day. This has dramatically increased my free time.

 I am able to freeze 200-400 mL a day. I keep telling myself that every day that I pump means an extra feeding to half a day more of breast milk that Evie will get later.

Eric typically puts Evie to bed. I get up with her at night to feed and pump.  Eric gets up with her while he's getting ready for work.  I get up with her when he leaves or when she wakes up again.

What they say....
She looks just like her daddy!

Such a good baby!

Is she sleeping through the night?

You know the next one is going to be a terror, right?

...that'll all change when you have two.

We are...
Slowly getting into a routine on the days we stay home, with a different one when we're out and about.

Able to sleep a little better even though Evie still squeaks and grunts all night.

Loving that Evie is only up once or twice a night instead of three or four times.

Feeling more like normal humans and less like zombies with each passing day.


  1.  Hey ice blog, and the baby is really cute...

  2. Evie sounds so much like Chyler. They have a lot of the same likes and dislikes. Chyler just turned two months on the 14th and is FINALLY nursing. The trick was to cut out bottles entirely. It was exhausting and frustrating but we finally did it! Congrats to you and Evie on getting the hang of nursing also!


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