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10 January, 2012

Christmas Day

We had a lovely Christmas morning at my parent's house.  Eric and I some how managed to oversleep...until 11am! thus missing cinnamon rolls and my grandfather dressed up as Santa.  I am so sad (but I loved the extra sleep!).  As tradition has it, we gathered at my parents house in our PJs, had brunch with my grandparents, and then proceeded to open gifts from Santa, my parents and grandparents.  It was great to savor what was probably our last Christmas morning with my parents and siblings.  We'll see what next year holds with all the little ones.

Another lovely table. Don't you love the ornaments from the chandelier? 

The calm before the storm 

 My dad's picture of Connor hugging Santa

Zach and Connor. Precious.

Oh Spike. Lost in the action, huh, buddy? 

Evie had a little too much excitement and spent most of the day snuggled up with me.

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