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05 January, 2012

Christmas Eve

Sorry this post is so late...It's taken a while to get my new computer set up just right :)

Normally I am the one bursting at the seams to give and open gifts.  I am terrible with secrets.  However, this year, Eric was the one too excited for words to exchange gifts.  Rightfully so.  He gave me a really awesome and generous gift.  It it's 21.5 inches with a pretty little Apple logo.  Puts the barefoot shoes and Notre Dame pullover I gave him to shame.

Anyway...because he was so excited we opened our family gifts on Christmas Eve morning.  We bought Evie two little gifts, a Notre Dame polo and a University of Dayton dress.

Isn't that Erin Condren paper super adorable? (Especially since it was 50% off with free shipping!)

That evening we went to my parents house for our annual Appetizers and Dessert party with all my extended family, including Eric's family.

My cousin Rebecca feeding Evie.

Connor sneaking a cookie. 
My mom's sister, Kim, Mom, Me, my sister, Katie
The reason for the season!
Baby Zachary!  Our soon to be Godson :)

We opened our cousin gifts and then my immediate family exchanged our sibling gifts. 

 Eric got a torpedo keg for putting homebrew in our kegerator.  I got a gift card to Charming Charlies.

After gifts were exchanged, my in-laws stayed at my parents house to watch Evie and Zach while the rest of us went to 9pm Mass.  No more midnight Mass for all these baby mamas.  It was so nice of my in-laws to attend the 4:30 family Mass (without any kids!) so we could go later without our babies.

Did I mention Sam held a baby? Evie was adorable?  Or Spike was mesmerized by the train (or paralyzed by his Santa costume)?

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