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10 July, 2014

Surviving The First Three Months - What Baby Gear We Used With #2 (And what we didn't!)

Somehow we've survived the Fourth Trimester with two kids!  But not without the help of some great products!  When we had Evie we had a very small two bedroom apartment.  We had some great baby products that were perfect for our small apartment, but we needed to change things up a bit with a two story house and with having TWO kids!

Things that we're loving with baby number 2 -

Graco Travel Lite Crib

Both girls have slept in our family cradle in our bedroom until four months.  We also have a beautiful convertible crib in the nursery.  However, with the tiny newborn in our two story house, I found having this mini sized pack and play in our living room to be a life saver.  I've use it both for naps and diaper changes.  It's about 25% smaller than a traditional pack n play, so it's been great to take up to my grandparents house for weekend trips.  Bonus - it keeps Evie from poking Maggie while she naps.

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing

We have a Graco Swing I keep in the kitchen for the bewitching hour.  But we borrowed this mini portable swing to keep in our bathroom.  It's been awesome to keep Maggie in there while we shower or give Evie a bath.  She's in eye shot and is soothed with the swing.

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer

We had borrowed a bouncer for Evie and I didn't love it so I didn't get one for Maggie.  But we put her in one at my parents house and she loved it.  I loved this brand of portable swing so when I saw it barely used at the consignment store I snagged it.  Maggie has such a startle reflex that this has kept her a little more cozy for her afternoon naps.  I also put her in it so Evie can play with her.  She loves sitting up and being part of the action in the family room.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Right as she hit the 2 months mark we pulled this out.  It was a huge favorite of Evie's.  Maggie reaches for her animals and sometimes falls asleep.  Evie loves to lay next to her and the two of them play together.  Evie's also been known to put her blanket over it so Maggie can go camping.  Haha.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier

When we had Evie we purchased a travel system carseat and stroller because I refused to own a million strollers.  But we quickly hated that stroller (see below) so we sold it. I bought this for one specific purpose - walking Evie into pre school.  We have to walk through a busy parking lot so this gives me the freedom to chase Evie without having to take Maggie out of the carseat, and I can steer it one handed.  I've also loved it for running quick errands!
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller, Black/Shadow

This was our big splurge (thankfully I found a 2013 model for half the price!).  I wasn't sure how much we'd use it, but we use it several times a week.  Mostly we use it for neighborhood walks or over to the playground, but I've also started using it on mall trips or long errand trips.  Evie can climb in and out of it on her own. And the seats lay flat so we can put Maggie in it without having to buy an expensive carseat adaptor.  Having owned several strollers now, the GT models of the City Mini get an A+ in my book.

Carseat Canopy

Okay, so I don't have this exactly one, but a friend made one for me.  It has been exactly what we need for the bright Georgia spring and summer sun.  Again, I mostly use it for the preschool drop off and pick up (it has an east/west walk) to keep the sun off Maggie.  It's also nice to keep strangers from poking at her when I need to run a quick errand.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Having exclusively pumped for five months with Evie I don't know if I can look at my double electric ever again....haha.  Seriously, the hand pump is my new favorite.  It's so quick and easy to use, especially with an active toddler.  I used it early on to get some relief while milk was settling in.  Now I use it just when I go out.  It is so portable.  Now that I am not working, this is all I need!

Wallet Wristlet

This was a gift. Maggie was born on the Braves home opener.  My MIL treated me to this and I have loved having it.  It's just big enough for my phone, keys and 4-5 cards.  I can throw it in the diaper bag or just grab this to run into the store.  So easy.

And our absolute favorites for both kids:

Things that we're NOT using with baby number 2 -

Peg Perego Switch Stroller / Travel System  -- The stroller ended up being too bulky.  We also didn't like that it had two handles (think traditional umbrella stroller) which is NOT suitable for having two kids. You can't push it one handed!  D'oh!  Definitely wasn't thinking that through when we bought it for Evie.

Lots of Bottles!  -- Thank goodness for breastfeeding this time :)

Double Electric Pump --- With not working or exclusively pumping, this is fortunately sitting in the closet!

Baby Bath Tub  --  We're so much more comfortable washing a baby.  We just use the $5.99 sponge mat.  Thankfully we'd just borrowed a tub for Evie, so no expense wasted!

Flannel receiving blankets / SwaddleMe / MiracleWraps --- Y'all, these things drive me batshit crazy!  First off, the flannel blankets are too small to do a good swaddle.  And the pre-wrap swaddle things -- OH MY GOSH THE VELCRO.  We received a few of these as gifts for Evie. I washed them ONCE and I donated them.  I know some folks swear by them, but I can't handle it.  We have a 4 pack of Aden + Anias swaddle blankets and give the kids a good, tight swaddle and call it a day.  Evie loved to swaddle in them until she was 6 months.  Maggie busts out of hers but she manages to stay asleep.  Maybe we're just lucky?  At least these blankets can be used for months and years to come (Evie still sleeps with hers!)

Moby Wrap -- I had a difficult time wearing Evie in the Ergo when she was newborn so I borrowed a Moby and a similar type wrap to see how I liked them.  I really, really wanted to like them. I'm so glad I didn't buy them.  I used them maybe 4-5 times?  I never felt super comfortable in them.  And turns out, this time the Ergo works just fine for Maggie and I!

What are some of your favorite newborn baby items?  What are some things that don't work for you that everyone raves about?

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  1. Love so amany of these things too! I've been looking for a small wristlet type purse to move back and forth from diaper bag to purse to work bag, love the braves theme one!


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