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15 February, 2012

Evie: Three Months

3 Months

Weighs: probably 14 lbs (guessing)
Height: 23-25 inches (guessing)
Eats: 750-1050 mL a day, about 7-8 feedings a day with a bulk of them in the evening. 
Diapers: One size cloth on smallest snap setting, with one brand already on a looser snap setting, Size 2 in disposables
Clothes: still in a few 3-6 months, but mostly in 6 months

Firsts for Evie

January 18 - Nails clipped

January 22 - Slept through the night

January 28 - Sacrament of Initiation (Baptism)


Discovered she has ears and will reach for them if I touch them.

Can see her hands and will focus on them.

Sees the toys on her play mat. Reaches for them and talks to them.

*Almost* sleeps through the night: 10pm-5am, 6am-9am

Graduated out of her 4oz bottles. Usually takes 5-6oz in a feeding now.

Recognizes Mom and Dad.

Can follow a toy or person with her eyes.

Knows her wake up and bed time routine and is comforted when we start it.

Senses a wet diaper and cries.

Cries have become more distinct: food, gas, sleep, wet diaper.

Sucks on her hand to self sooth, though this usually means she's hungry.

Will sit propped up on the couch on her in Bumbo for a few minutes.

Has conversations and smiles with mom and dad. Sometimes with strangers.

Hit her 3 month growth spurt right at 12-13 weeks. She was fussy, sleepy, and couldn't decide how much to eat or when to eat.  And then a few days later none of her clothes fit!


Likes going on walks or car rides

Dislikes stop and go traffic

Likes having her diaper changed

Dislikes bath time

Likes being outside

Dislikes the bright sun in her eyes

Likes her play mat, bouncy seat, and swing

Dislikes being left alone for too long

Likes snuggling with mommy and daddy in the Ergo or sling, or on the couch


Evie is getting too big for a standard size swaddle blanket, but still likes to be "burritoed" at bed time. She's fine to take naps without it, but typically sleeps longer if she's wrapped up.

We now have 3-4 brands and styles of bottle nipples and binkies. She does great with all of them.  She only sucks on the binkie long enough to be soothed and then projectile spits it out.

Around two and a half months she's started a better "schedule" during the day: bed at 10, feed around 5, sleep until 9, feed and play until 10:30 or 11, sleep until 2 or 3, feed, sleep until 5, and feed and play until bed time at 10. Some times she's up more during the afternoon, depending on how good her morning sleep was.

Her feedings have consolidated. She eats the same total amount during the day, but feeds less often.  We had two days of major vomiting around her growth spurt and when she first started condensing her feedings.  I suspect neither of us knew just how much she could handle in one sitting! 

Evie is back to pooping daily, and even multiple times a day. Most of month two she only pooped every three to five days...and when she finally went, Look Out.

She is generally a happy baby, and is getting even easier, especially with eating. She's eating faster and neater!

Evie used to wake up every 2-3 hours and would be up for at least an hour at each feeding. Now I can have her up, fed, changed, and asleep in about 40 minutes. VICTORY!

I am pumping 4-5 times a day, and freeze about 200-300 mL a day. Very slowly weaning off the pump. Our freezer is packed and we're giving Evie about 2-4 oz of formula a day (usually at bed time).

What they say....

She looks like Eric, but looks like you when she smiles.

She's sooo good.

That's awesome that she loves to snuggle with you.

How is she sleeping?

How do you like being a parent?

Are you finally adjusting?

She's so long! She'll be tall, just like her Daddy.

We are...

Calling her all sorts of nicknames, like Baby Girl, Snuggle Bear, Little Bit, and Little B.

Loving that Evie only wakes up once, if at all, during the night.

Soaking up every smile, grin, and (attempts at a) laugh.

Mesmerized at watching her learn and discover things.

Learning how important it is to prioritize her naps, feedings, and comfort.

Wondering where the time has gone! Our baby is 3 months old!


  1. Ah! She looks so much like Connor in that first picture! Cutie pie! Have fun in MN!

  2. Evie is SOOOOOO pretty! I hope she is letting you get some more rest these days :)


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