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28 March, 2014

Suuuuper Quick Update & Maternity Photos!

After last week's questionable visits - I had a follow up lab appointment on Monday.  They did another blood pressure check and it was AMAZING! She lab tech couldn't believe it.  In fact when I went in on Thursday all three midwives were talking about it!  She also told me that all my labs came back normal, so no signs of pre-eclampsia yet!

Thursday (yesterday) was my regular weekly appointment with my primary midwife.  She said I have "officially dropped" and she couldn't believe how far down the baby was already.  She also noted that the baby has flipped over to my left side, which is ideal.  Her movement and heartbeat continue to be perfect.  My blood pressure was up from Monday but not as bad as it was before the medicine.  The midwife did elect to up the dosage a little bit to ward off the 37-38 week spike (this was when/why I was induced with Evie).  She predicts that if I am following the same time line, that this baby girl will be here by next weekend.  Her guess is April 5th -- partially because that's what she thinks and partially because it's Murphy's Law, it's my midwife's first day of a 10 day vacation! My next appointment I am scheduled to see the third midwife that I haven't seen since my miscarriage. It will be nice to be reacquainted with her just in case she's the one who delivers!  GETTING EXCITED!!!

Okay, on to FUN THINGS!!!

Amy, from The Charming Blog, was gracious to do another portrait session for us. She did maternity photos with Evie, our Christmas cards last year and this year, and then this maternity session.  We're hoping she'll be available for some new baby ones too :)
I can't even remember when my bump was that tiny!

Thank you, Amy, for another incredible session.  We're so glad Evie cooperated this time!

So I had this brilliant idea to start a photo series (which means we'll need to have at least one more baby) of us adding to our family.
So there is just me and Eric against the brick wall.

And here we are with Evie on the outside and baby sister on the inside. 

I love that these two are similar (Eric's even wearing the same jeans & shoes, just a different year model!), but enough different that they don't have to be perfectly matchy-matchy going forward.  
Also, how cool is it to see how the Roswell Mill Park has been updated in the last two years?


  1. Glad all your tests came back ok. It's scary/exciting to have a new earlier estimate of when she'll be here. I had to laugh out loud looking at your pictures. My sister in law took some maternity pictures for us at the Roswell Mill last Saturday. I promise I'm not trying to be you!

  2. awww your girl is so cute -- and so is ur hubby!


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