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17 March, 2014

Bump Watch: 35 Weeks

Definitely dropped and getting a bit pointy!

How far along? 35 weeks today!

How big is baby?  According to The Bump,

He's about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. From here on out, he won't get much longer, but he's plumping up. He's now about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds, and he'll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth.
Total weight gain? I made a HUGE jump to 34 pounds gained, that's six pounds in the last week alone. I am really hoping it's just water retention and this number is temporary. 

Maternity clothes? Nothing new! In fact, my wardrobe is particularly limited now. Most of my winter clothes are too short now.  But it's not quite warm enough to wear my larger summer clothes.  Just layering as best as I can.

Stretch marks? Nothing new!

Belly button? Still half in - half out

Exercise:  Getting tricky.  I'm still able to make it up the stairs pretty easily.  I'm only good for about a mile or two of walking, if I even feel up for that.  Trying to stretch and do a little upper body workout (like 1 set of bicep curls. ha! i'm a wimp right now!)

Sleep:  It's been a bit of a struggle the last two weeks...waking up around 5am most mornings. Some days I fall back to sleep, somedays I don't.  Even if I sleep through the night I don't wake up feeling rested.  A lot of people are telling me I look tired.  I am.

Movement: Getting to be full body movement where I can see limbs.  She's mostly just kicking these days, she hasn't rolled over in at least 2-3 weeks.

Food cravings: Really good hot fudge on a sundae, the occasional fountain Coke, and high quality donuts (I'm looking at you Sara's Donuts).  My sweet tooth is back full force. It's going to be a hard habit to kick after the baby is born.

Food aversions: Honestly, I am so tired of eating. It just makes me feel gross all the time. Even home made fresh food. 

What I miss: Rolling over in bed. Getting up off the floor. 

What I am looking forward to: My goodness, meeting this baby girl!

Milestones: Weekly midwife appointments start this week.  Had my Rho-Gam shot at my last visit. Getting the Group Beta Strep test done this week (I was positive with Evie, does that mean I will likely be again? I have no idea.)  Lots of women telling me I've dropped.

Say What? Oh man, y' many good ones this week.

I was at market research study. All the women were in their third trimester. There was lunch offered from a reputable local deli across the street and I watched the delivery guy walk in with the platter.  I helped myself to a turkey sandwich.  One of the ladies screeches at another woman and I who are already eating, "Oh my gosh, that has lunch meat on it. We can't eat this!"

I'll spare you all my thoughts on this.

A co-worker found out I was not returning to work after the baby and she gave me an entire lecture on how I am throwing away my career (Oh because the Catholic Church is lightening fast and my skill set will be antiquated in 5 years...gotcha).  And at the very least I should discuss pension options for my departure (Exactly when was the last time anyone received pension for "retirement" at 31 due to having a second child, especially from the Catholic Church?).  I just don't understand where these comments come from. Seriously! (Now aren't you glad I spared you my thoughts on turkey and listeria?)

We were at our parish St. Patrick's Dance (read: drunk old people). Comments ranged from:

  • Are you having that baby tonight?
  • Are you SURE you have 5 weeks? Wait, and it's NOT twins? [Enter: Stink face of horror]
  • You know what I use my belly for?  Holding my beer. But YOU CAN'T DO THAT
And the most awesome one came from my spiritual director, (said in a Joey voice) "Could you BE anymore pregnant?"

Sweet moments:  We took maternity photos with Amy from The Charming last week.  Evie was in such a good mood and so cooperative! 

I'll share a whole post of my favorites soon, but here are a few in the meantime:

I showed Evie the pictures of her in the hospital and we talked about how we're going to do the same thing to get baby sister out of mommy's belly.  She looked at me, looked at my belly, looked at the pictures and said, "Where's the hospital?"  I replied, "Down the street" and she said, "Let's go! Let's take Mommy's car, now!"

Make room for baby: I've slowed down quite a bit.  My mom is coming to help in a week or so, so I'm starting a list for her.

I did order/buy some Size 1 diapers for baby girl and a case for Evie.  I decided we'll have enough going on the first two weeks or so to deal with washing cloth diapers right away.  The money is worth my time.

I just ordered a coming home outfit and new blanket for baby girl.

Evie's Easter basket is almost done, just incase.

Oh, and THIS:
At my last check up the baby was head down (whew!) but laying on her right side which is higher risk for a sunny side up delivery (ouch!).  The midwife recommended some stretching and exercises to get her to roll over.  Today I saw my regular chiropractor and afterwords I talked to him about seeing the other doctor in the practice about having him roll the baby on to her left side. The second chiropractor was working with an internal medicine doctor who has done work in obstetrics (how convenient and coincidental). The three of them examined the baby's positioning and discussed ways to get the baby to roll. They decided to check my hips and they were still really locked, as was my sacrum. The three of them worked on me for a few minutes.  I left in so, so much pain, but for the first time in weeks my hips are perfectly aligned. I think the pain is from all the muscles getting used to the new alignment as now, a few hours later, they feel much better and loose!  Hopefully this opens my pelvis a bit more for the baby to roll over. I see my midwife on Thursday so I'll talk to her about the next course of action.  In the meantime I am planning to see the baby-flipping chiropractor for my next few visits.

Compared to Evie:

  • Weight gain is quickly catching up
  • Occasional carpel tunnel is setting in at night

Talk to me:

  • Thoughts on double strollers? Recommendations? (FYI - some of my major walking is done along a 6 lane highway, or on hilly crushed shell paths)
  • Recommendations on video monitors? We'd like something with two+ cameras that can be rotated from the handset, and a talk back feature.  Also, we don't have iPhones.
  • What, if anything, did you give you kid(s) when you were in the hospital?  Why or why not? Was it from you or the baby? Would you do it again? 

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  1. Definitely try to get that baby girl to flip! Jack was sunny side up and it was not fun! Just a few more weeks now. I can hardly wait! :)


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