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21 March, 2014

A Quick Update on Today's Happenings at the Midwife's Office

Yesterday I had my weekly check up (still can't believe we've reached that milestone already!) and my weight had significantly jumped and blood pressure was out of control.  Since I wasn't having any of the other telltale signs of pre-eclampsia (headache, side pain, burred vision) they ordered some labs for Friday (today) and sent me home.

One of the labs I had to do was the 24 hour urine test.  They gave me a collection container and instructions on how to do it.  When I woke up at 6:30am I filled the last bit of room in the container.  I knew I needed to call the office right away to see if that meant I was done or if I needed another container.  Sure enough I needed another container.

The other lab ordered was just blood work, which I did on my first visit to the office today.

So when I called about the container I let the nurse know that I was now experiencing the accompanying headache, the swelling was still just as bad and my blood pressure, despite a day of rest, was still just as high (thanks to the little house hold monitor my dad loaned me back in the first trimester)

When I went in around 10am to pick up my second collection container they took my blood pressure and it was even higher than it was yesterday.  Oy!  So a few things happened...

They decided to keep me for monitoring.  They hooked me up to a machine that checks the baby's movement and heart rate.  After about 30 minutes the nurse practitioner came to check on me.  She said the baby was doing BEAUTIFULLY.  And drew a smiley face on her chart. YAY!

The midwife came in next and checked my blood pressure a few more times. It had dropped a little and stabilized at what it had been yesterday.

Both of these things meant I could go home!  YAY!  The midwife gave me a prescription for some blood pressure medicine and strict orders to keep resting and eating super super healthy.

So here we are!

My mom kept Evie for the day so I could finish out my urine test and take it back over to the office, as well as just rest without having to worry about a two year old.  It's been so lonely and quiet.  I am not allowed to do anything so I feel so helpless.

We canceled our weekend plans.  Time to stay home and stay focused on growing this baby another week or two.

A few close friends have asked how I'm doing--- like not my body, but ME ---  I am so thankful for their kind thoughts.

To be honest, I had a breakdown last night. I feel like a failure.  I did everything I was supposed to to prevent this, and here we are.  I'm trying to stay positive.  Honestly, this pregnancy went SO smoothly that I really don't mind 1-4 weeks of monitoring and modified bed rest.  But on the other hand, I'm a little nervous about the complications, the added recovery time for me, and the potential for a preemie and any complications that might come with that.

Thank you all for your kind emails, comments, texts and tweets.  Being covered in prayer and good thoughts has certainly made this bearable.

Hopefully, good news to follow on Monday at my next check in with the midwife :)


  1. Sorry to hear, but glad the baby is still doing good. I go back in Monday morning. I know what you're talking about the feelings and emotions. I'm trying not to let them creep in, yet.

  2. Do you have a doula? If you are interested, I'd love to offer my services pro bono if you feel like it would help you. :)

  3. Oh, scary! But none of this is your fault - banish the failure feeling! Stuff happens in pregnancy, and you just need to take care of yourself and that baby and let other people take care of you if it's needed. Good luck!

    (I know it's impossible to banish, I'm hoping just saying it makes it so, for you. :) )

  4. Hey Susie! Thank you so much for your offer. I have a girlfriend who is studying to be a doula who is helping me out.... However, if things take a turn and I feel like I need someone more experienced I will be giving you a call for sure!! Eric and I really appreciate it :)


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