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03 March, 2014

Bump Watch: Week 33

So I feel like I exploded this week? Yes?

How far along? 33 Weeks

How big is baby?   According to The Bump, 
He weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And he may grow up to a full inch this week -- amazing.
We've reached American Girl Doll size, which seems all-too-real and awesome!

Total weight gain? I finally ordered batteries for our scale. Yes, I know I could pick up 9 volts anywhere, but that requires pants. Hooray Amazon Prime!  Anyway, I think I am up about 26 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yes. So several of my smaller "large" shirts are either too short or too tight in my arms, so I am digging out my XL stuff from when I was pregnant with Evie. Some of it is still too big, but I'd rather that than look more like a sausage than I already do.

Also, I bought a SUPER cute dress at Target (yes, something *actually* fit me and seems to be decent quality).  And I bought another dress off the clearance rack at Motherhood along with the tshirt I've been eying forever.  So I got 3 new spring things as a treat to get me through the last few weeks. 

Stretch marks? Nothing new!

Belly button? Half in - half out

Exercise:  I've been really good about taking some kind of walk on nice days, even if it's just a lap around the block with Evie.

Sleep: Oh man, when it's good, it's good!  When it's bad, it's bad!  Thanks to Crystal for the relaxation tracks to help me fall asleep on those nights when I feel like I'm counting sheep. I've also started moving to the couch and watching old episodes of Downtown Abbey if I wake up at night and can't fall back to sleep. I'm usually asleep again in 20 minutes this way.

Movement: Little girl is using my organs for kickboxing purposes. 

Food cravings: Chocolate covered strawberries. Just read that if you're craving chocolate it's a sign of magnesium deficiency. Sure enough I haven't been taking mine.  Started back up two nights ago and it's gone. How crazy is that?!?!

Food aversions: Anything smoked

What I miss:  Comfortably bending over / reaching / getting dressed / shaving.

Also, not being congested. Ever since I had the flu over Christmas, I've had some sort of congestion / cough / runny nose.  Vicks BabyRub on my feet at night and a saline spray before bed seem to be the only things that help when it gets bad.  I do notice that dairy and sweets make it worse, but YUM!

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our sweet girl.  NEW BORN FOOTIE PAJAMAS!

Milestones: Passed the point where some of my girlfriends have recently delivered healthy premies. So I'm really starting to relax as far as the "what if I delivered now..." worries go.

Say What? 

"How much longer until you're due?"
Seven weeks
(dumbfounded look) "My daughter-in-law is due on Thursday and you're way bigger than her"

From Facebook, "Horizontal stripes on a pregnant woman? You are bold! "

Sweet moments: 

"Mommy, we got Holly (the cabbage patch doll) at the hospital"
Yes Evie.  And you know what?  In a few weeks Mommy and Daddy will go to the hospital to have baby sister. And you'll get to come visit her and we'll all take her home to our house.
"Mommy, let's go to the hospital and get sister now."

Make room for baby:  This weekend we did a TON of work!  Nesting instinct is in full force around here for both of us!

  • stripped all the toddler diapers so they're fresh for Evie for a few more months
  • washed all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes we already owned (not taking tags off new stuff until we make sure it's a girl)
  • cleaned out Evie's too small winter clothes 
  • finished shopping sales & picked up a hand-me-down box for both girls for spring and summer
  • washed and organized all of Evie's spring and summer clothes; put spring clothes in dresser
  • organized all of sister's spring and summer clothes by size
  • washed the dust ruffle for the crib (need to iron and put it on the crib)
  • picked up newborn cloth diapers, swing/bouncer, and Medela bottles from Eric's sister
  • updated our buybuybaby registry and sent links to family

Oh, and THIS: I've hinted, but here's the official announcement: I am not going back to work after the baby is born. I will be a full time SAHM.  Long post on this coming :)

Compared to Evie:
  • not as swollen or retaining water
  • feeling like things are going slower without all the fun showers and new baby stuff to shop for and organize!
  • Read 33 & 34 week update here


  1. I love that dress, super cute! I still haven't gotten any stranger/off-hand comments yet, I keep waiting. How exciting about being a SAHM! Can't wait to hear the details.

  2. Thanks!!! The dress was about 3 inches too long when I tried it on, but it shrank up the perfect amount! Most of my other dresses are wwaaaaayyy too short now.


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