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06 November, 2012

Evie: Eleven Months

Weight: guessing around 25-26
Length/Height: 30+ ??
Eats: 3 full meals, 2 snacks, 30+ oz of formula, 8-10oz of water
Diapers: busting out of size threes, still rocking the cloth diapers 95% of the time
Clothes: 18 months in tops and dresses, 18-24 in bottoms (thanks fluffy butt!)

Firsts for Evie
Sept 11
pulled up to standing once

Sept 18
regularly pulls up to standing

Sept 20
can transfer from couch to table

Sept 25
Trip to the botanical gardens

 Pulling up
Walking with help
Sits down from standing 
Transfers between toys/couch/table

New foods:
bacon, baby gouda, PB&J

Dances to music or on command to the word "dance"
Curious about what is in boxes, baskets, purses, and will sit for 20 minutes cleaning them out
Will play by her self for a while or "read"
Gaining balance and confidence
Responds to verbal commands or questions like, "Where's Daddy?" or "Go get Delaney"
Imitates our gross motor skills like shrugging, or trying to do yoga but still isn't clapping

iPads, smart phones
playing in the swings
digging through boxes and bags

having her hair rinsed at the end of bath time
going down the slide
balloon "artists"


Evie is finally sleeping through the night!!!  She goes down around 8pm and wakes up around 7:30 am.  Occasionally she'll still need a bottle or diaper change during the night.  Switching to a night time disposable diaper really helped. 

She's in a pretty easy routine for wake up, meals, naps and bed time.  She knows the drill now.

I was thinking the end of the two-a-day naps were around the corner, but some days she still takes two 2 hour naps.
What they say...

"Oh Elizabeth, she looks just like you!"
"Is she always this good?"

We are...
 Ecstatic about the new house
Still mourning the selling of the Jeep, but having two cars Evie can ride in is a serious blessing!
In denial that we almost have a one year old!!
...not going to keep up with monthly updates after one year, these are exhausting (but I am so glad to have them!)

**I'm so sorry for the disappointing lack of photos.  I have been so busy with work I just haven't been behind the camera!

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  1. I wish I still lived in Atlanta, so Evie and Mena could be friends. Because I know they would be. 


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