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01 November, 2012

Before we say good-bye

As we flip the calendar to November, we begin the twenty day countdown until we close on the house and move.

As I am preparing for this I realized that I've never shared an apartment tour with you.  Eric and I had planned on cleaning the place before we took pictures, but I am glad we didn't.  I mean, honestly, it's humbling to put pictures of my house looking like such a wreck and in the beginning stages of transition, but I think it will be fun to remember what our apartment looks like on the day-to-day of my busiest week of the year.

Welcome to our apartment! The entry way (right) and the hallway to Evie's bedroom and bathroom (left)

Evie's Bathroom / Guest Bathroom

Evie's Room.  Evie shares a room with our storage area and bike racks. I cannot wait until she has her own room and we can paint!!!

 In the center of our apartment is the kitchen, living room, dining room.  The last two-three months Eric has turned our dining room into an office.  He moved the table against the wall and covered it with computer gear.

The living room...full of toys, laundry, curtains that were pulled out of the wall.

And finally, our room.  Don't you love my giant candy cane body pillow??

And somehow I forgot these gems in the collages... Our bathroom. (Y'all I cannot WAIT for our new bathroom)

And the refrigerator (one of these days I want to do a blog link up called "What's On Your Fridge" because I think it says so much about a family.

As excited as we are to move on to our first house (!!!) it is going to be hard to say good-bye to our apartment.  I have cried every time I moved out of some place, including my two dorm rooms and two Ghetto houses.  For a grand total of eleven moves (if you count the time my parents moved when I was a baby).

I don't cry because I will miss the place, I cry because I will never again set foot in that stage of my life and I cry because it's saying good-bye to the place where so many memories were made.

This apartment is home to many smoke alarms from frying bacon; our first furniture purchases; where the second bedroom transformed from a storage room and guest room to a baby's room; where we brought home our first baby; and (hopefully) where she learned to walk.

Geez, crying already and we still have three weeks!

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