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07 November, 2012

Photo shoot: The Edwards

The mom from my first non-family photoshoot referred me to a co-worker.  I was excited to work with someone other than Katie and Sam or my sweet Evie.

Their daughter Kaylee was such a ham.  She was so fun to follow and shoot in action.

The parents wanted some 18 month pictures and a few family shots to use for their Christmas card.  They had no real style, look, or feel they were going for.  I tend to shoot more "lifestyle" than posed, so I went with what I was comfortable, but I had a few poses in my back pocket. And by back pocket I mean this app on my phone.

Right as we hit a stride with Kaylee's portraits and tried to transition to family photos, she had a meltdown. She wanted nothing to do with her mother.

And once we finally got her comfortable with mom and then dad would enter the scene, she'd start all over again.

I improvised and did my best to work in some shots of her with each parent.  I think I only ended up with one or two family shots that were even worth editing.

It was great to get out and practice shooting a family of three with a busy little girl.  I also practiced working in catch light and lens flare.

By no means am I ready to offer my services or charge for them, but I now look forward to the challenge when someone asks me for a practice shoot.

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