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10 April, 2012

But it's tradition!

I don't know about you, but our family has some silly traditions, especially when it comes to Easter.

On Easter morning at my parents house, after we finish brunch all the kids (and now grandkids, too!) head upstairs while "the easter bunny comes".  My parents hide a few dozen plastic eggs filled with candy, loose change, dollar bills, or lottery tickets.  They also hide our Easter baskets.  

While we're upstairs waiting, we each raid my mom's craft closet for a bucket or basket to hold our loot while we're on the egg hunt.  We always try to out-do each other by finding the biggest or most ridiculous vessel:  IKEA bag, apron, tupperware, etc

When my parents are ready, they call us to the staircase for a family "surprise face" photo.  This is a play on the same photos we did as children when we were actually surprised!

Then the race is on.  Remember, the eggs are filled with cold hard cash! and chocolate!  The catch: there is always one black egg that is empty.  And one egg with only a penny inside. Be careful not to leave your collection basket unattended or else my dad will re-hide your eggs! 


Now at my grandparents, we have another set of ridiculous traditions.  First, let's discuss that we range in age from 8-29, with three of us having our own kids ranging 5 months to 3 years.  My grandparents still make baskets and hide eggs for all of us.

Again, we have lunch and all head up stairs.  The uncles are in charge of hiding the baskets.  My husband, my brothers, and my oldest boy cousin usually get picked on.  Their baskets are in the most obscure places.  One year Eric's was on the roof.  Often they are in trees.  One year my brothers was under the house in the crawl space (woof!).  But this year's egg basket hiding went to a whole new level.  Literally.

First uncles hid someone's basket in the tree....(an obvious choice)

But then, Alex's basket went "down under" - as in, under the man hole.  They tied the basket up so it would peep out just a little bit.
After a solid thirty minutes of looking and getting REALLY annoyed.  Alex finally found his basket.
 Everyone came running, because we had all been looking for it too!

Well some how, Alex's basket fell DOWN into the sewer.

So he went in for it!

Needless to say, Alex was pretty ticked off, but earned the badge for Easter basket of the year!  He'll be the subject of dinner party stories until the uncles top themselves next year.

What kind of fun or silly traditions does your family have for Easter?

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