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09 February, 2012

What goes around comes back around

It all started last week when my shipment of diapers from Kelly's Closet arrived.  I had coupons for two free diapers (yay!), so I tore the box open to see what brand my freebies were.  Boo!  They were both the same brand, and the same brand freebie I got last time!  Even though this particular brand gets rave reviews, it has too many parts for me.  Given my new found love for de-cluttering I knew these couldn't stay around.

I had already mailed the first one off to Bethany, so I asked Twitter if anyone wanted these two freebies.  Within minutes Arwen wrote back saying how much she'd love them.

The next day I went to the post office to mail them and then drove to play group.  As I walked into the house, the host mom was giving away several boxes of breast milk storage bags.  Being an exclusive pumper, I quickly jumped on the opportunity.  This made up for my disappointing free diapers.

Earlier this week I was out walking with Megan who is due with their third in 2-3 weeks. She is busting out of her size medium maternity clothes.  So I went home and packed up all my size large for her to borrow.

While I was packing I got a phone call from a different girlfriend whose 13 month old is weening off formula.  She said her husband is a bit of a horder and bought too much at their last Sam's Club trip.  She wanted to know if we'd like it, for free!  Well, of course!  We are starting to give Evie a bottle of  formula a day to see how she tolerates it to determine how much longer I keep pumping.

Then today I saw on Twitter that my friend Ashley's coffee grinder broke.

Well just yesterday I saw our old blade grinder in the back of a cabinet and wondered how it escaped our recent purge and subsequent donation trip to our local charity.  I thought, why not offer it to her.  She may want it, she may not.  Either way we're planning to get rid of it.  Sure enough Ashley said she'd LOVE it. (Poor thing was using her immersion blender to grind beans this THAT's dedication!)

When we returned home from play group this afternoon there was a box sitting on our doorstep.  It wasn't the package I was expecting today.

Instead it was a gift for Evie.  A gift from someone unexpected.  A beautiful gift that I have been searching for just the right one to put in her room...  Something we were discussing at Bible study last night...

A stunning, hand painted statue of Our Lady of Grace.  Not only is she my favorite image of Mary, but I consider her Evie's patroness (Saint Genevieve was cool, but not as cool as our Blessed Mother. Obviously.)

 Three times in one week I gave without hesitation or expectation and was more then abundantly blessed in return. The Lord continues to humble me!


  1. 'Like' - so awesome! God is good!

  2. Do you know where this statue was purchased? It is stunning!


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