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11 February, 2012

Pagan No More {Evie's Baptism}

On January 28 we had Evie and Zachary baptized.  We were so blessed to share the day with my brother, David, his wife, Paige and his son, Zachary.

David and Paige asked us to be Zachary's Godparents.  We asked my sister Katie, and Eric's long time friend, Sam (yeah, they're dating!) to be Evie's Godparents.

We asked Deacon Dennis, who married David and Paige, and gave the homily at our wedding Mass, to baptize the kids.  He was super excited!

 My grandparents started a tradition of buying each of the grandkids a baptismal gown for their family to have their kids baptized in.  We were touched by this gesture, however, we had an even better offer.

Eric's mother wore her mother's wedding dress. Irene saved the dress all these years, hoping her daughter, Leeann would get married in it, but she chose not to.  Irene then asked us if we wanted to have Evie's Baptismal gown made out of it.  I teared up at the offer.

I had heard of a family whose mom made her daughter's First Communion dress from her wedding dress and thought I'd like to do the same for my daughter, either for First Communion or Baptism.  However, when I thought about cutting up my two year old wedding dress I just wasn't ready. (I know, it's not like I am going to wear it's just Too Soon.)   Needless to say I was more than touched when Irene offered her dress to us.  Evie's dress is four generations old!

I also pinned a little Sacred Heart of Jesus medal that belonged to my late grandmother on the underside of Evie's dress.  I wore this medal on my garder at our wedding.  It was my little way of including my late grandmother and our wedding day into the Baptism.

My nephew Connor got to blow out the Baptismal candles after the ceremony.  We thought it was pretty cool since he's their older cousin, David is his Godfather, and Deacon Dennis baptized him, too!

After the Baptism, my parents hosted a party for family and friends at their house.  My mom did an incredible job decorating but unfortunately I forgot my camera and no one else's pictures turned out very good.

We shared a bottle of wine at the party (see it there on the right, pretty fancy, huh?).  The story goes that my Dad had given a bottle just like it to his parents as a thank you gift on his and my mom's wedding day.  Well, my grandfather then shared it with all the family and friends at the party.  My dad wanted to continue the tradition and then bought this bottle for David and Paige's wedding, however, we forgot to serve it.  So my dad thought he'd try it again for our wedding, and forgot again.

Since both fruits of our marriages were receiving a sacrament on the same day, Dad thought it would be the perfect day to share the bottle of wine.


Welcome to the Church, Evie and Zach!  God bless you :)


  1. Your baptism post was great.  I feel a little envy that we don't have an equivalent tradition in Prodestant churches because when my children are baptized when they choose to, I know they will not choose to wear such a significant piece of clothing!  Can you take photos of Evie's dress?  Would love to hear details on how it was made!

    Also, who has a prettier dress, you or her??  I love it!! Is it warm enough there for you to wear it out? Here we'd need a sweater dress with tall boots and hot cocoa!  

  2. Paul's grandmother and mother made the baptismal gown my kids wear out of my wedding dress.  We also had a 'maniturgia' made out of it for my brother's Priestly Ordinations.  My goal is to get it into as many sacraments as possible!  Congratulations!


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