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07 February, 2012

A Burpee a Day...{Week 1}

One of the blogs Eric and I read regularly is called Paleo Plan.  The blog talks about eating Paleo and Primal, and has a lot of workout tips that use just your own body (ie running, yoga, etc).

Starting with the New Year's Resolution crowd, the website has been offering a few different challenges to help people through the tricky parts of going Paleo.  The first one was 30 Days of strict, no-cheating Paleo.  One was a 30 day blood work improvement through the doctor's office.  One was a 30 Days no caffeine.  You get the idea.

Well since we aren't back into the swing of meal planning yet, still paying off hospital bills, and having middle of the night baby feedings the strict Paleo, 30 day blood work, and 30 day no caffeine challenges aren't really in the stars for us.

But when we saw the Burpee +1 challenge we decided that these post-partum couch potatoes could use a little work out motivation.

The idea is that you start with one burpee, and then next day add one more, and the next day another until you get to 100 burpees a day.  We're on day 8 and doing 8 burpees today.

What is a burpee you ask?  It's where you stand feet shoulder width apart, jump down into a plank, do a push up, pull your feet back into a squat and jump up clapping your hands over your head.  Think boot camp. Think military. Think CrossFit.

How are we doing?  Well, as you'd imagine, the super fit Eric is rocking them. He does almost all of his push ups down to the ground!  I, on the other hand, look like a sickly frog trying to jump and squat.  It's pretty bad.  On day one I could barely even bend my elbows to do the push up, and would sometimes fall over bringing my legs in for the squat.

One week later I am happy to report that I can now go down a few inches on the push up and the rest of the burpee is starting to look a little more human.

We'll report back next week after we finish our second week!

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