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03 February, 2012

But wait, there is more!

I thought that Monday's Violent Vomiting Incident was a fluke. Never to happen again.


Wednesday, after a morning full of errands and a playgroup that ran three hours instead of one, I rushed home to feed my screaming baby only to be puked on again.  Basically take Monday and hit replay.

Thanks to my own dear Mother, and the lovely Mamas on Twitter, we determined I probably over fed Evie in both situations.  She is transitioning to eating more at each feeding and eating fewer times a day.  Unfortunately neither of us knows exactly what "more" means just yet.

Anyway, so this morning's adventure is slightly less gross.

My sweet, smiling child woke up from her morning nap around 10:30.  I picked her up and we headed to the living room where her bottle of fresh pumped milk was waiting for her.

Guzzle, Guzzle, Guzzle.  Drank it up.

This time, instead of her breakfast coming up and out.  It went down and out.

All over my leg.

Let's just say, when the cloth diaper companies say "wash a dozen times before use"  they mean it.  I had only washed our new shipment of diapers twice. Fail.

I have only myself to blame for the trickle down my leg.

Hey, at least I don't have to wash the couch pillows AGAIN!

God made babies cute for a reason.  After each of these episodes I get flashed the biggest, brightest smile of the day. Ugh.  Who can be mad at that precious mug?

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