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12 September, 2011

Twenty Niiiiiiiiinne, Thirty - Pregnancy Update {Weeks 29 & 30}

How far along? 30 weeks today. 3/4 of the way done!

How big is baby? Different websites call for 2.5-3.25 lbs and about 15 inches.  We'll have an ultrasound in two weeks to measure the baby and check her position.

Total weight gain: 33-36 lbs depending on the day. I had wheat on Friday night, Saturday's lunch & for Sunday's dinner, so I'm pretty sure I'm retaining about 3 lbs of water (in my face alone! gah!)

Maternity Clothes? Oooh!! I did some Labor Day weekend sale shopping at the Macy's Destination Maternity. 40% off the clearance rack = 5 things, including a trench coat that was originally $160, for $99. My budget was $100. Win!  And I did the same at Gap on Monday. 5 for $100.  That included 3 sweaters, jeans, and dress pants, ya know the pricy stuff!  I am all set for Fall and for my bigger belly.  All the new tops I got I made sure were a little roomier and/or longer because baby girl is growing like a weed! 

I don't anticipate buying anything else for the remainder of the pregnancy. Someone hold me to that.

Stretch Marks? They are CONSUMING my hips, thighs and belly.  At least we're moving past the itchy, painful stage!

Exercise: My injury is healing nicely and I've learning some new exercises to keep my back & hip pain to a minimum.  I've made it a point to add more walks to my week, especially now that the weather has cooled off.

Sleep: Have I mentioned we bought a new mattress? We about had it with our old one so we agreed to use the last of our wedding money to buy a new one.  We got a knock off memory foam one from Sam's Club (thanks, Dad!) for next to nothing.  Even if we have to replace it again within 8 years (the expected life of a mattress) we still come out ahead of a traditional matress.  Anyway, we've both been sleeping so much better.  It's helped my aches and pains tremendously.  

Movement: Baby movement has gone from jabs to full limb waves of movement.  She's active around meal times both when I'm hungry and have just eaten.  And she loves to play at bed time or when I read on the couch.  On Saturday she was sitting on the right side of my belly so hard.  You could see the misshape of my stomach, and feel her body from the outside.  It's been fun watching her little limbs crawl around my belly or kick something off of it

Food cravings: Anything with wheat in it! haha. I don't think it's a craving as much as the mental game.  I've actually been craving red wine...and I hardly ever drank it before!

What I miss: Wearing my wedding rings.  I took them off during our Maine vacation and they haven't seen the light of day since.  I've also really missed stomach sleeping again this week.  

What I am looking forward to: Our first baby shower this weekend!

Milestones: My first major blood sugar crash? Is that a milestone?  Um, I couldn't reach my feet to take off my toenail polish so my sweet 15 year old cousin did it for me!

Say What? Everywhere I go now people ask about the baby: Boy? Girl? When are you due? Oh, that's my so-and-so's birthday, too!  

One of the Publix cashiers (I go like 4 days a week, okay?) checks up on me every time I'm in the store.  "How many more days, Miss Elizabeth?"  I should probably learn his name.

And dear co-worker, No, I am not having twins.  I'm just not 5'10 and super thin like the last co-worker that was pregnant. I am 5'5" with huge boobs and a baby girl that sits low and wide. Thanks. 

Not twins, just sitting low & wide!

And to our friend Kelly, you're too kind "You look like you've lost weight in your back"  You are my new best friend ;-)  

Sweet moments:  This was the big kick-off weekend for the youth groups at church.  Knowing almost all the kids 8-12, it was fun going back and forth between the two events visiting with all the kids I hadn't seen all summer.  The girls had a MILLION questions and all asked if I'd name the baby after them.  Of course, and her name will be:  OliviaAnnaEmilyMaryKatherineHannah Duh.

My sister, Katie, was whispering to my belly/baby girl that she is going to spoil her, take her shopping, and talk to her when mommy is being mean.  Haha. 

Make room for baby: A few more hand-me-downs came rolling in this weekend.  Thank you to Natalie for her stash of out grown baby items!  And as I mentioned yesterday, we sold the kayaks to make room for the crib and dresser/changing table (still to be purchased).  Looking forward to getting the room pulled together now!

Oh, and THIS: I have a horrible (to me anyway) case of carpal tunnel syndrome.  I was freaking out that my hands were falling asleep at night and low-and-behold that same week in the pregnancy book said, "Experiencing tingling fingers at night?"  Why, yes. Yes, I am.  The midwife and chiropractor said it's normal.  Exercise and eating wheat free seem to help keep the intensity and frequency down, though I do experience it during the day now.  The chiropractor is also massaging my arms and wrists to help keep the pressure points relaxed.  It seems to help a bit too. 

To end on a positive note, we had maternity photos taken on Saturday.  We had a blast taking them and can't wait for the finished product.  We did a cute series of Eric with my'll just have to wait and see!


  1. I'm due just two weeks after you so it's  been fun reading your pregnancy updates. Mine sounds something like...bigger butt, can't reach my feet comfortably, acid reflux, fat ankles and I can't wear my wedding rings either. It's nice to read your posts and hear some similar complaints. Hooray for being on the last leg of the pregnancy!

  2. re: wedding rings: my sister always put them on a chain and wore them as a necklace when they wouldn't fit her fingers anymore. just a thought!

  3. thank you :)   Do you have a blog?  Link?

  4. I'd love to do that, but I am terrible with jewelry!  I break necklaces and earrings jump out of my ears...  I am wearing Eric's rocking awesome Order of the Engineer ring instead ;-)



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