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11 September, 2011

A Thank you! And a weekend update...

Eric and I want to say thank you for all the sweet comments, congratulations, and well wishes.  We've certainly been blessed with encouragement the last few years.

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We'd originally promised to use this weekend to provide tips and answer questions, but it's been absolutely beautiful here in Atlanta so we've stepped away from the computer for the weekend to enjoy it!  We'll have the remaining posts up starting Tuesday, as Monday is scheduled for a pregnancy update.

Here's how we've enjoyed this lovely weekend....

Friday night we a church function until about 9 pm.  Then we met up with some friends to have a few drinks on the Taco Mac patio.  I was so glad the location we went to had the Abita Root Beer on tap, so I could add another credit to my Brewniversity membership while pregnant and wheat-free.

Saturday we had a long but fun day.  We started the day by selling our kayaks and respective gear.  As much as we love kayaking it's just not realistic for us to keep the gear around with the baby.  It takes up a good portion of our second bedroom (soon to be baby's room).  And honestly, we won't be able to kayak for at least 6 months (newborn, weather).  And when we do get some free time for just the two of us, the likelihood of us actually kayaking is pretty slim.  So we decided it was best to sell them now just as the weather is getting nice and use the money for our baby fund.  I think the hardest part of letting them go is knowing that was the first big purchase I'd saved up for in cash to buy.  It was a hobby that jump started Eric and I's relationship, too.  It was a certainly bittersweet saying good-bye to it yesterday.   But, it's good to know the couple who bought them is a bit older and the wife has MS and is limited on her exercising abilities.  I hope they enjoy them as much as we did!

After that we had our second to last Bradley class.  I can't believe we're almost done and that baby is about 10 weeks away.  Craziness. We stayed after class to talk to one of the couples that are pretty similar to us.  It's nice to know we're not the only ones considering cloths diapers, water births and doulas.  Hippy freaks.  ;)

Then the day really set it motion:  Chick-fil-a lunch at Katie's and then she styled my hair (I am curling iron challenged) while Eric fixed a few things around her apartment.   And off we went!

My friend Amy, that I met at my short time at Georgia State, offered to take maternity photos for us.  So we went two hours at Roswell Mill hiking and taking some fabulous belly shots.  Amy is a natural photographer.  I can't wait to see the finished product!  She's such a trooper for giving up a Saturday afternoon with a terrible cold to come take photos of my belly!

Eric and I spent the next two hours reading - I finished Bossypants! - and then I took a much needed nap.  Ahhh Saturdays.

And finally, we went over to Sam's to watch the Notre Dame game.  Oy.  If you watched it, you'd understand when I say even the baby had an ulcer.  It was nail biting up until the last 30 seconds.  And we lost by 4.  Apparently the last several ND/Michigan games have all been determined in the last 30 seconds by 4 points.  Weird, huh?

Today Eric is over at Sam's brewing.  This weekend's batch is a Pumpkin Ale, and Sean is leading the brew.  I hope they save me a few to enjoy in November.  YUMMMM!  

I am not sure what the rest of my day will hold, but I know it's time to put down the computer and go enjoy it!  I have to be at work from 2-8 today, so byyyeeee!

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