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10 October, 2011

It's the final countdown - Pregnancy Update {Weeks 33 & 34}

How far along? 34 weeks, oh my!  Word on the street is that the baby is done developing, it's just fine tuning and weight gaining.  If baby girl came now she'd be okay after a short hospital stay.

How big is baby?  The Internet estimates around five pounds (sack of sugar) and 17 inches long (American Girl Doll).  Obviously, we've moved past fruit sizes.

Total weight gain: Hitting the nose right at 40lbs for the last 3-4 weeks.  My belly is noticeably bigger in the last month, but I think the water retention is finally under control. 

Maternity Clothes? I found a consignment shop that had a small maternity section in the back. They had a long sleeved sweater dress that will be perfect for the cooler weather and right after the baby is born.  It was a steal of a deal.

I also tried on an old non-maternity dress in the back of my closet. Thank you Michael Kors for incredibly versatile clothing.  I have worn this dress both front ways and back ways, with a shirt under it or with a sweater over it. It proved to be a great maternity dress too! I just wore my belly band around my boobs to cover up some cleavage and I was set with a dress to wear to a wedding & funeral on Saturday.

Want to talk underwear?  Yeah, they're feeling a bit awkward lately.  Kind of like Phoebe... "The baby kicked!!!"  "Oh, no the elastic in my underwear just busted"

Stretch Marks? Nothing new.  But I did think about it - if I end up with a c-section, do they line the stretch marks up when they sew you back together?!?!  haha!

Exercise: Very on top of walking, taking stretch breaks, and getting in all my stretching routine (including new ones from the chiropractor) at least once if not twice a day.  Been trying to add a little low impact aerobics for 5-10 minutes each morning...something between the intensity of Sit and Be Fit and Sweating to the Oldies 

Sleep: Now that I am on a better water-consumption schedule, per my midwife, I am only up 1-2 times a night to pee. Most of the time I don't even remember getting up.  I have had a few nights where I wake up hungry at 3 or 4 am.  I usually eat a bowl of cereal and then read for an hour or two before going back to bed.  I've also been taking 15-45 minute naps a few days a week.

Movement: Every pregnancy book/website says she should have slowed down her movement by now.  Not this little Ninja. She loves to play in the late morning, dinner time, and bed time.  It's almost starting to hurt! If I wake up in the middle of the night hungry, she lets me know she's there.  I feel her mostly on my right side and under my right rib.  I can't tell if she flipped head down yet or not. 

Eric and I love watching her move. He's constantly got his arm around my belly feeling for her.

Food cravings: I am happy if I even feel like eating these days. So much work and planning to make low-sodium, wheat-free meals when I am exhausted.  I guess my latest big thing is fruit smoothies. Of course I love frozen yogurt and cereal. Nom nom nom.

What I miss:  Wheat/Gluten, read: pizza. Getting out of bed easily. Not being told I look tired (I even bought concealer for under my eyes...guess I can't fool you, general public!).  Not having carpel tunnel.  Real shoes.

What I am looking forward to: Holding my precious girl!  I am even looking forward to the birth process. Not the pain, but finding out what it's like and getting it over with.

Milestones: The seat belt is getting increasingly uncomfortable.  Every time I go from sitting to standing or vice versa it usually triggers me having to pee.  And we are thisclose to having a name. Secrets. Secrets. muuuhahaha.

Say What? 
"Every time I see you, you're more pregnant" - my mom

"You're very bold wearing stripes this late in the game"  - a co-worker

Knowing that we aren't telling the baby's name, the kids in Confirmation class tried to be sneaky by asking, "So which Saint are you naming the baby after"  (I'll give them bonus points for trying)

"Happy birthday beautiful" - Eric to me, followed by him pointing to my belly saying, "It's not your birthday. You stay in there"

And my other favorite, "She would have bought you a birthday card, but she can't go shopping without you, so it wouldn't have been much of a surprise" - Eric

Sorry to disappoint, but we shopped mostly at Whole Foods this week so I don't have my usual Publix Cashier comments.  Sad!

Sweet moments:
Lots of hugs and kisses on the baby belly from family, friends and the teens.  Lots of people talking to her.

My co-workers threw me a little baby shower brunch. They made an entirely gluten-free brunch spread, complete with fruit salad (yummy, yummy.  The Wiggles? No? okay.) and games.

Make room for baby:
My co-workers all pitched in a bought us the carseat.  Hooray!  One more shower to go!

My mom has been helping Eric and I get our second bedroom converted from a bedroom / sports room to an office / baby's room.  We've gotten rid of so. much. stuff.  Hooray!  And finally have the crib, a desk, and bookshelf all assembled and ready for baby.  All her clothes are washed and sorted by size.  

Oh, and THIS:
I turned 29 and Eric and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary (post coming soon!)

Say a little prayer that my check up goes well tomorrow.  My weight gain, water retention and blood pressure this week will start to determine my birth plan flexibility.  I've worked really hard this week to follow all the midwife's orders, so hopefully it worked! :)


  1. Oh my gosh - you have really popped since I last saw. Cue - The Final Countdown!! Can you ask the baby to please stay in your belly to after I get home, I really want to see you all cute and preggers like this - and then meet the baby girl! xo

  2. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your updates. It's so nice to feel like I'm staying in touch with you guys, even though I'm obviously bad at it. So excited. Cannot wait to meet the little ninja!


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