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24 October, 2011

The One With Chocolate Milk - Pregnancy Update {Weeks 35 & 36}

"Shut up! The camera adds 10 pounds."
"Oh. So how many cameras are actually on you?" 

Maybe I shouldn't do these pictures late at night when I am congested and puffy ;-)

How far along? 36 weeks

How big is baby? Various reports on the Internet of 18-20 inches and 5-6 pounds, and gaining an ounce a day.  No official measurements at the midwife's office today.... just "great heartbeat" and "she feels good"

Total weight gain: Right around 40 lbs total.

Maternity Clothes? Several of my shirts are getting too short! We had a cold snap here in Atlanta so I bought a few long sleeved things at Target. And then in talking to some girlfriends they reminded me that I'll probably wear maternity clothes through the holidays, so I did buy a pair of black pants to get me through the winter.

Stretch Marks? They're getting worse around my hips.

Exercise: Getting super hard to do much other than short walks. Even my stretching routine is getting difficult...mostly because I can't get up off the floor when I'm done!

Sleep: For every 3 or 4 bad nights I make it up with one good night. I get really congested around bed time (not sure if this is pregnancy or food allergy related), and then I can't get comfortable because of the baby belly. Once I finally get comfy my fingers usually fall asleep from the carpel tunnel and then I have to pee. So yeah, it's exhausting...but pretty soon I'll have my (likely, screaming) little girl to snuggle with at night instead :)

Movement: Ninjalina is living up to her name.  Despite the pregnancy books/website saying she should be slowing down, she is still active.  Pre-breakfast, post-dinner and 4am seem to be her favorite times of day.  She also gets mad and kicks if I sit down and lean forward too long, like typing at a desk or eating a meal at the table. 

She is also "burrowing," as I like to call it, down "there".  It can be rather painful at times but a great sign that she's getting ready to make her debut!

Food cravings: Butter (random). Sweets. Peanut butter and Chocolate. Just chocolate...and chocolate milk. And yes, I'm 29.

Ross: "What are you doing?"
Chandler: "Making chocolate milk. You want some?"
Ross: "No thanks, I'm 29."

What I miss:  Comfortable sleeping. Feeling in my right fingers. Shoes. Shaving easily.

What I am looking forward to: That moment when she's first put on my lap after delivery.  Watching Eric hold her for the first time. Seeing Eric introduce her to our family members that first time.

  • Anyone I make eye contact with (or am in the general vicinity of) in public asks about the baby
  • Weekly OB appointments
  • Feeling and seeing body parts roll across my belly
  • Needing help with shoes and occasionally pants or getting off the couch
  • Having that "I feel SO pregnant" feeling doing just about any menial task
  • I have lost all definition in my shoulders, collarbone, throat, neck - and can barely keep my purse on my shoulder anymore
Say What?

"Betty, You look like Jiffy Pop.  Ya's slow at the beginning and then it grows really fast before it pops" - My Dad

"Just send her an eviction notice" - Deacon Dennis

"We should start some sort of bet or pool to guess the due date.  All money going to charity, of course" - Monsignor David

"[My son] would have just stayed in there had we let him. The doctor had to go in for him" - Church Lady

As I was trying to get off the dentist waiting room couch, the very old man in the chair next to me said, "And I thought I couldn't get up!"

"You only have semi-Michelin Man syndrome this week" - The OB (my midwife was at a delivery)

Sweet moments:

When I dropped Eric off at the train station before he left for San Francisco he bent down and looked my belly "in the eye" and told the baby to "be good. let mommy sleep. and don't come out until I get home"

Eric finished folding the last load of baby clothes and he said, "Her clothes are SO cute, but I have no idea how I am going to get her in and out of them"

Make room for baby: The room is almost finished. We have the desk, bookshelf, crib all assembled and ready.  Clothes all washed. Curtains up.  Toys and books all on the bookshelf. Just waiting to get the dresser (still crossing my fingers to find a good deal), and finish up the wall paintings my mom and I started.  

We have our car seat now...probably time to get that installed, huh?

Here's some tiny loot from our latest (and final) shower..
Tu-Tu Cute :)

Little socks that look like shoes

Do these come in my size?

Oh, and THIS: I don't think I've mentioned my finger nail and toe nail aversion.  Cannot handle cutting or filing them.  Good news. I kicked my nail biting habit!

Good report at the midwife's office today: BP has stabilized. Weight is on track. Baby's heart beat is strong.  Had the Group Beta Strep test done today. Blerg.

I cry tears of overwhelming joy and happiness every time I think about post-delivery, see a newborn, or watching a birth video.  I was a snotty mess watching The Business of Being Born last week.

We decided on a name. It's a secret.


  1. I hope she holds on so that I can see you all pregs when I'm home for Thanksgiving. Hold on little girl!! P.S. - good try sneaking in the 'oh we picked a name' at the very end. Sneaky!!

  2. So excited for you guys! Love these weekly updates!!! You look beautiful ... but I can't wait to see that child!

  3. First off, I'm in love with all the Friends references!!
    Second, you're SO close! Baby girl is going to be precious. I was working mother-baby this past weekend. I am officially obsessed with newborns, just as I know you two will be ;) I'm sure it's a million times more over-whelming when it's your own little one. Seeing all the dads oogling in the nursery while the moms were resting melted my heart every time. I can just see that being Eric!

    Well, take it easy! Enjoy the sleep and quiet while you can (even though I know you're excited!) Such precious baby gifts so far!!

    Prayers for your growing family =)

  4. P.S. Duncan has committed himself eagerly to homebrewing some beer for our wedding. He thinks it's a great idea. Well, I do, too, but he's only done it twice before, and though it turned out well both times, I feel like it's a lot different when doing it for large amounts of people and beer... I was wondering if Eric had any tips?

  5. I also approve of the Friends quote! ;)

    The last five weeks were pretty not fun for me. BUT, it's just five weeks. So, that's worth it, right? :)

  6. I found your blog through my sister's site( linked your post about visiting the Atlanta Temple during the open house. Anyway, I always click on the homepage of a blog and I read this post. I'm pregnant with my first baby and just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and the gasps in the "say what" section of your post. "Say what" indeed! Some people :)


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