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21 January, 2014

Bump Watch: Week 27

Go Flyers! 25wks 6days

Twin Day! 26 wks

How far along? 27 weeks 2 days

How big is baby? 

Total weight gain? I think I'm holding steady around 16-17 pounds.  Finally eating healthy-ish the last two weeks helped a lot! 

Maternity clothes? I started this pregnancy down a size from the last one, but I am starting to fit into some of the clothes from when I was pregnant with Evie without them looking too frumpy.  But on the downside, I don't really fit in any of my non-maternity clothes any more.  I have my eye on this shirt that I might get, but we'll see.

Stretch marks? Nothing new this pregnancy.

Belly button? It looks like a cinnamon roll, or a gnarly knot in an old oak tree

Exercise.  Really making an effort to walk, have dance parties with Evie, and even YouTube a few mini workouts.  Thanks to everyone who friended me on FitBit - You're keeping me motivated to not be a lazy pregnant lady!

Sleep.  Back to an insomnia pattern, but Evie's napping better during the day so I can take little nap breaks.

Movement.  Out of control.  I told Eric the other night I wish I could turn her off at bedtime. I feel like I'm getting head-butted in the pelvis. Ouch.  But most of the time I love watching her kick, flip and swim. It's fun to see movement!

Food cravings: Coke (what?), cantaloupe, clementines, and baby carrots.  Oh, and these brownies my cousin made: chocolate chip cookie + oreos + brownies. Eric had to remove them from our home. I'm just glad she brought them over after my glucose test! ha!

Food aversions:  Well, I ate pork chops last week, however, I was not able to cook them...bleh. 

What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach

What I am looking forward to:  Sharing our little girl's name with everyone!

Milestones:  I passed my post-prandial glucose test!

Say What?  In line for the bathroom at a coffee shop the lady in front of me turns around and asked, "Hey, you're not having one of those crazy-hafa-pee pregnant lady moments or can I zip in real quick?"

Sweet moments:  Handing me the doppler the other morning Evie asked, "Hey Mama, can we listen to sister's heartbeat?"Oh-kay.

Make room for baby:  I am getting really anxious to get the cradle set up, and her clothes and blankies washed, but I am forcing myself to finish the heavy lifting projects in the next six weeks and to save the wash and organize stuff for the last six weeks.

Oh, and THIS: I talked to the midwife and she approved my friend potentially observing our birth for her doula certification. Pretty excited about the possibility of having her there!

Compared to Evie: 
  • I had just started learning about eating to reduce inflammation (low grain, low dairy, low sodium);  I swear eating this way from the start of this pregnancy has made a HUGE difference
  • I had slipped on a rug and sprained my inner thigh so badly I was on bed rest for a week; had some issues with this over Christmas and saw a therapist to get them worked out before they became debilitating. I'm glad I did, as I am fine now!
  • Just decided to make a nursery in our apartment; putting the finishing touches on the big girl room so we can update the nursery for the new baby!
  • Had gained 30ish pounds; gained 17ish pounds!
  • Read her 27-28 week update here!

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  1. You look great! Love reading your updates to see what might be ahead in the next few weeks.


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