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07 January, 2014

Bump Watch: Week 25

Don't I look fabulous? Me at my best and worst these last two weeks :)

How far along? 25 weeks, 2 days
How big is baby? 

Total weight gain? 16 pounds, the holidays were not good to me. 

Many of you know I lost about 20 pounds last year.  I love seeing on my weight tracker that even 25 weeks pregnant, I am still a few pounds lighter now that I was this week last year.

Maternity clothes?  I haven't bought anything new.  I got lots of compliments on my dress for my cousin's wedding. 

Stretch marks? Nothing new this pregnancy

Belly button?  It's getting more and more stretched out. It might actually flatten out this pregnancy!

Exercise: I was super sick with a cold/flu most of these two weeks.  The extent of my exercise was walking airports and dancing at my cousin's wedding reception. And coughing, lots and lots of coughing. 

Sleep:  The out the cold medicine I was taking last week kept me up most nights. Once I traded the 24hr dose for the 4 hr dose, which I didn't take at night, I started sleeping 7-9 hours again.  Bliss!

Movement:  Baby girl goes crazy around 10pm, 4am, and then sometime after lunch.  And just like Evie, loves Iced Tea, sweetened or not!

Food cravings: Any carbs and sweets.  Trying to keep it to a "normal" amount, but it was so hard around the holidays and traveling. Sweets have always been my weakness.  I'm cutting WAY back starting today. Using MyFitnessPal to keep my Total Carbs around 100, but aiming for 150 and then 120 for a few days each as I cut back and my body adjusts.

SEE WHAT I WAS UP AGAINST?!?!  And this doesn't include Christmas cookies or wedding cake. GAHHHHH!

Food aversions: Same as throughout this pregnancy -- rare/raw meat, seafood

What I miss: Sitting for a long period of time without aches and pains

What I am looking forward to: Having a 3 month old. I haven't quite wrapped by head around having a newborn, or the labor and delivery... But I'm excited to have an infant!

Milestones: I can't see my feet anymore!  I can no longer zip up my (non maternity) white puffy vest...SAD!  

Say What?  

As I was in line to use a restroom,

Talking with one of my guy cousins this weekend,
"So how far along are you"
"About 25 weeks, 15 left to go"
"How many trimesters are there? Four? I can't remember"

"Sorry, I know it's rude not to let a pregnant lady cut in line, but I'm over 50 and I really have to go. My bladder just isn' the same as it used to be"

Sweet moments:  I was feeling super discouraged the day of my cousin's wedding. My hair was being weird. I was feeling bloated. And to add insult to injury my cousin and her siblings are sickeningly beautiful and confident. Thus, I was feeling like crawling in a hole.  However, as I walked from my hotel room to the car to leave for the wedding, THREE women stopped me to tell me I looked stunning.  I don't know who these ladies are, but thank you. I needed that!

Make room for baby: Now that Evie's big room is trucking along, I realized we need to get OUR room in order. Baby girl will (likely) be in with us for 3-4 months.  Talk about MAKE ROOM FOR BABY!

I did some end of the year clearance shopping and found some great deals for both girls for the Spring. Baby sister needed a few fresh staples that were summer ready, instead of winter (like most of Evie's). And $3 Carters onesies were just the ticket. Gymboree had some mega sale at which I scored matching skirts for the girls for this summer.  

We also have 18 newborn cloth diapers, but I am thinking we want more like 20-22, so I bought one new one for her Christmas stocking, and another one from a Cloth Diaper swap Facebook group.

And the latest thing we've discovered are LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. They're supposed to help improve circulation in the dryer; improving drying time and reducing static (no need for dryer sheets). Some of the cloth diaper inserts we have can take up to two drying cycles so we thought we'd give these a try to save on laundry expenses, especially as we prepare for another two years of cloth diapering, and add a fourth person's laundry!

While I was in Florida for the wedding, the Babies R Us was having a store closing sale. Not a fabulous deal, but I needed a few incidentals like new pump parts, lanolin, a pacifier bungie, crib sheet, etc that you wouldn't necessary use a coupon it was nice to leave with a bag full of things for a decent price.

The only other major thing left to get is a wrap or ring sling, of which I am still doing research. (Feel free to leave your opinions).  Side note - I have an ERGO, which we love, but given my body shape it just didn't work the first few weeks/months.

Oh, and THIS:  Arm hair. The pregnancy apps and blogs tell you how fabulous your hair gets: thick and luscious.  No one tells you the same goes for your arm hair. I feel like a wooly mammoth. 

Compared to Evie: 

At this point with Evie I'd gained 30 pounds. I'm at half that!
I'd started getting stretch marks: This time, none!
I began experiencing carpel tunnel at night:  So far, not a hint!
I missed beer: I openly drink wine once or twice a week
Taking Bradley classes: Encouraging friends to take them!

Read her 25-26 week update here.

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