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17 January, 2014

Seven Quick Takes {4}


I have really enjoyed January.  It's been super slow pace around our house, but also, back in the school-work-nap-dinner routine.  I had no idea how badly I need routine in my  life until having a one year old forced me. It's made a huge difference in my productively, sleep, and moods.  And that doesn't even include all the benefits of raising a toddler in a routine crave routine too!


Evie and I have been obsessed with clementines this winter. Like almost a box a week.  My theory is that our bodies crave the extra Vitamin C to help us stay healthy in the Winter.  So far it's worked for Evie!


The last few weeks have forced Eric and I to have some difficult conversations. Stuff that gets brushed under the rug during that first year of wedded bliss, and stuff that gets put on the back burner while raising a newborn.  But thank God for His infinite wisdom and goodness in prompting us to finally have these conversations and just in time for baby number two. As much as we've both been emotionally exhausted from our nightly discussions, the reward has been abundant peace and understanding!


Friends, I LOVE that so many people got FitBits for Christmas or New Year's Resolutions. Your tweets and 10k step days are keeping me motivated.  I have been loving mine for over a year now and attribute it to healthy motivation to keep active.  Friend Me!


Evie's normal school schedule is MWTh, so with the school holiday on Monday that gives us FIVE days off. Ah! Just as we were getting into our routine again, BUT I am using this time to do a potty training boot camp.  We started last night just getting comfortable on the potty.  This afternoon we start full force. Pray for us!  And if you're in the area, deliveries of red wine and dark chocolate are welcome.


Eric is attending a parish based men's retreat this weekend (lucky guy, gets out of potty training jail).  He's led retreats for our teens, and been on men's retreats for guys in ministry, but nothing for the average dude in the parish.  I'm excited that his retreat group includes two friends, but also that he'll get to meet another 27 new friends in our parish!


Please pray for me. I have been doing quite a bit of discernment lately. I mean, how can you read even a paragraph of Evangelii Gaudium and not? I am really excited for some opportunities that have presented themselves for 2014.  I am so thankful for my husband, mother, spiritual director and close friends who have given me the safe environment I need to think out loud and explore God's calling!

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