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20 January, 2014

Ten Pregnancy Favorites

I finally decided to compile my favorites from this pregnancy.  These are my most texted, tweeted, blogged, and bragged about items while expecting Baby Buergler #2.  Enjoy!


Body Pillow

Affectionately known in our house as "J-Lo" ...I don't even remember the story.  I bought this with Evie because I didn't want a body pillow that also served as a head pillow. This was all I could find at the time.  3 years and several washings later, I can't sleep without it!


Honest Organic Belly Balm

I wish this was available with Evie. It's an organic, all natural balm to slather up your belly and dry skin, especially in the Winter.  I wanted a more natural option than a lotion, and REAL cocoa butter is a pain to soften. It smells so yummy too!


 DHA/ Omega-3

Eric and I have been on the hunt for the perfect fish oil for 3-4 years. The cost/value/fish taste combination has left us empty handed.  When Honest Co released theirs a few weeks ago, we gave it a shot. The price is right, the quality is there, and no fishy burps! If you don't know about the benefits of Fish Oil, just Google it. 


Jessica Simpson Petitie Skinny Maternity Jeans

Do I look petite to you? No?  Didn't think so. Haha!  However, I have super short legs and no butt. Sometimes petite pants are a really great option for me. I sized up and these jeans fit like a glove. I went back for a second pair and it's basically all I wear this pregnancy.  I've found them at Motherhood and Macy's Maternity.


This Dress

It's been my magic pregnancy Little Black Dress. Flats or heels, I feel like a million bucks!



Are you tired of me talking about my pregnant obsession with clementines?  With Evie it was cantaloupe.  Clearly my body knows it needs extra Vitamin C.


Gap PureBody T-Shirts & SuperSoft Leggings

Y'all. These tshirts have me regretting every other maternity t-shirt I've ever bought. So soft. So layerable.  So long they cover both my long torso AND my giant baby belly! (Something I can't say about anything from Target). And the leggings? Equally soft and layerable.  I live in them at home.


BeMaternity Ruched Tanks

They're made from almost the same maternity as their BeBand line.  The tanks are extra long.  They've been awesome for winter layering and helping keep some of my shorter shirts from creeping up. I have a black one and white one.  Snag them at Target...but be sure to read the sizing guide!



I know I mention it a lot, but it's been a great way for me to keep an eye on my activity level each day.  I was so inactive with Evie and it caused so many complications, that I've been extra sensitive to making sure I get a minimum of 5k steps, with a realistic goal of 8k, and a YAYME goal of 10k+ each day.


Epsom Salt Baths

I've been trying to sneak one in at least once a week.  The quite time and healing & detox powers of salt baths have helped keep the aches and pains at bay.  Most nights I use grocery store bulk stuff, but I just purchased some Green Bubble Gorgeous after I loved my Happy Mommy Box sample. And I'm finishing up some homemade blend from my brother's girlfriend. 

*Affiliate link

I received no compensation for this post, unless you buy from my Honest Co affiliate link. I simply LOVE these products!

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