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17 October, 2013

Bump Watch - Week 13

It's that time!  Last pregnancy I did the updates every week until part way through the second trimester and then every two weeks. I am just going to start with every two weeks unless something super exciting happens!

How far along?  13.5 weeks

How big is baby? 2.5-3 inches, about the size of a tangerine or peach

Total weight gain? Down about 2 pounds. I'd been down 4 but I gained two this last week. Must be the cheesecake and nachos I've been eating.

Maternity clothes? I could still squeeze in my regular "fat" jeans, but they just not that comfortable by the end of the work day. I wear leggings as pants at home, but maternity jeans out and about.

Stretch marks? nothing new this pregnancy

Belly button? it feels like it's stretching thin

Exercise:  trying to go for a few walks a week, even if it's just around the block. I'm hoping to start a prenatal yoga class in December

Sleep:  Insomnia is a beast.  So are middle of the night panic attacks. Minimal potty breaks at night though! So far no leg cramps either.

Movement:  None yet.  Looking forward to this sooooo much!!!!

Food cravings: Woke up from a nap on Sunday craving Bagel Bites and Apple Jacks. Hello, Second Trimester

Food aversions: Nothing consistent. Some nights I can't do pork or beef, but thats been rare.

What I miss: Sleeping through the night!

What I am looking forward to: Labor. Okay, I know that sounds weird. But I am already SO ready to have this baby!!!

Milestones: I can feel a bump forming when I lay on my stomach.  I am stretching out those sleep-on-your-stomach nights as long as possible!

Say What? Most people keep telling me I'm "in for it" with this one. Thanks.

Sweet moments: Listening to Eric talk on the phone to Joey about the baby and pregnancy :)  I love what great dads they are!

Make room for baby: Time to start sorting through the junk in Evie's new room. I want to see what baby gear is actually ours, what needs to be returned to it's loaner, and what we might be interested in having for this baby since we doubled our living space and are now on two floors!

Oh, and THIS: My face is a MESS. Seriously. My face looks like a tweenager.  And migraines. I've had two that have completely rendered me useless for the night, and most of the next day.

Compared to my pregnancy with Evie: Much less swollen. Fewer food aversions. Less weight gain. Read week 13 here.

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